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  1. Just Launched! Compex Performance US Muscle Stimulator

    Just Launched! Compex Performance US Muscle Stimulator


    Check out the latest muscle stimulator in Compex's line of EMS devices.  The Performance US was designed for the fitness enthusiast and/or the athlete which engages in frequent competition. It features a total of 5 programs with 5 levels of progression to help competitive athletes achieve the highest level of performance.

    Learn More about the Performance US muscle stimulator >>

  2. New Compex Sport Elite is Launched!

    Compex recently introduced the new Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator which is designed for  the competitive/high performance athlete that has a rigorous training and exercise regimen.

    The Sport Elite device features 3 new additional programs – Recovery Plus, which helps clear lactic acid and increase blood flow at a lower frequency for when muscles are fatigued after a vigorous workout or competition; Pre-Warm-up which runs at a frequency to quickly increase blood flow and oxygenate the muscles prior to a workout or competition; and Massage which runs at the lowest possible frequency targeted to relax muscles sore, tense muscles.

    The Sport Elite also features 4 strength programs with 5 levels of progression that target specific muscle groups and enables athletes to maximize muscle performance specifically related to a particular sport. Compex is clinically-proven to build muscle strength and size, exercise more muscle fibers in less time, and increase endurance, power, speed and strength.

  3. What Masters Swimmer Paul Carter is saying about Compex

    “People ask me every day for Compex. As an Elite age group athlete, US Olympic Trials competitor and professional swim coach, I recommend Compex to anyone who wants to improve their physical condition and realize their full potential. I have so much confidence in Compex that I tell everyone that I will personally refund their money if it doesn’t knock their socks off after training with it. I’m amazed at the Active Recovery program and how it enables an athlete to recover so quickly after a strenuous workout. I know there’s a lot of scientific information and clinical studies behind it – I’m not sure exactly how it all works … but it does work!”

    Paul Carter
    Masters Swimmer Champion

  4. Tour de France winners have trained with EMS

    Elite cyclists train with EMS


    Six times Tour de France Green Jersey winner Erik Zabel and three times Tour de France Winner Joane Somarriba have incorporated electronic muscle stimulation as part of their training routine.  Learn more about how EMS can help cyclists improve muscle performance.

  5. Watch how Compex muscle stimulators work

    See an athlete training with a Compex muscle stimulator and learn the basics of electrostimulation.

    [youtube r7iwRQkakSk Training with Compex]
  6. Mark Sanchez, New York Jets QB uses Compex

    During an interview with ESPN, Mark Sanchez admits to using Compex muscle stimulators to prevent muscle soreness.

    Learn more about how Compex Active Recovery after exercise prevents muscle soreness.

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