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Flexor of Wrist and Fingers Electrode Placement

In just a few short steps, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your Compex® device.

How to Place Electrodes for the Flexor of Wrist and Fingers

For the flexor muscles of the wrist and fingers, you’ll need two 2x2 Compex® electrodes (the smaller sized electrodes) for each arm. An easy way to identify this muscle group is to make a fist and flex. One 2x2 electrode will go at the origin or starting point of the muscle group and the other at the origin or where the muscle group ends.

If you’re using a wired Compex® device, the black snap of one lead cable will go on one electrode with the red snap of the same lead cable attached to the other 2x2.

If you’re using the Compex® Wireless device, one end of the wireless pod will be attached to each of the 2x2s electrodes. Twist the pod to tighten if there is any slack in the wireless cable.

DJO Global, Inc. disclaims all responsibility for electrodes positioned in any other manner.

Electrode Placement Instructional Video