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Upper Forearm / Extensors of Wrist and Fingers Electrode Placement

In just a few short steps, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your Compex® muscle stimulator and/or TENS device.

Where to Place the Electrodes on Your Upper Forearm (Extensors of Wrist & Finger)

You’ll need two 2x2 Compex® electrodes for the upper forearm/extensors of the wrist and finger. To make sure you place the Compex® electrodes in the correct spot, you’ll want to flex the muscle or move around the joint near the muscle. You’ll want to place the electrodes at the top and bottom of the muscle group.

If you’re using a wired Compex® device, place the black snap on one electrode, and with the same lead cable, attach the red snap to the other electrode.

If using the Compex® Wireless device, take one end of the wireless pod and attach it to the electrode. Twist the pod to tighten if there is any slack in the wireless cable.

DJO Global, Inc. disclaims all responsibility for electrodes positioned in any other manner.

Electrode Placement Instructional Video