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Lower Leg/Peroneous Muscle Electrode Placement

In just a few short steps, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your Compex® device.

Where to Place Electrodes on Your Outer Lower Leg (Peroneus Muscle)

You’ll need either two of the 2x2 single-snap Compex® electrodes or one of the 2x4 single-snap Compex® electrodes. Place the one 2x2 electrode on the top of the peroneus longus muscle which is located on the outside of the leg (imagine along the side of the seam of your pant leg), just below the knee. Place the other electrode 2 to 3 inches below the first one. If using a 2x4 electrode, place one end on the top of the peroneus muscle and press it vertically down the leg.

If using the wired Compex® device, attach the black snap of one lead cable on the 2x2 electrode that’s closer to the knee and connect the red snap on the electrode just below.

If using the Wireless Compex® device, attach one pod on the top with the other end on the just below. Twist the pod to tighten the wires.

DJO Global, Inc. disclaims all responsibility for electrodes positioned in any other manner.

Electrode Placement Instructional Video