Written by Danielle Nederend

We know very well by now that recovery is a must for our physical wellbeing. If you’re working toward longevity, it’s imperative to focus on recovery. If you’re aiming for performance, your recovery game is just as vital - if not more. Whether you’re training for your first half marathon or your fifth Ironman, recovery is still something you want to hold close. But if you had any doubts that recovery mattered, and needed further (non-scientific, research-backed) evidence for the matter, it’s here. Hollywood now backs Compex. Queue next scene. 

Ryan Gosling plays the protagonist in The Fall Guy, released May 2024. In this movie, Gosling stars as a retired stuntman who comes back to the scene - after taking time off following a near-fatal fall on set. Not a bad reason to stay away from the stunts, we’d argue. However, the magic of Hollywood ceases to fail and the allure of a former lover pulls him back in. What would be important to focus on to get oneself back in shape and ready to pull off potentially near-fatal stunts, again?  

We say training and recovery. For Gosling’s character to successfully land the stunts presented to him in his new role, it would likely be advised for him to prioritize being in his tiptop physical shape. This includes not only intensive strength training and agility for reactivity - it also calls for paying attention to recovery. Which is where Compex enters the scene. 

Cameras flash to a seemingly sad glance at Gosling’s life after leaving stunts for the first time. He works as a valet for a small Mexican restaurant and resides in a rundown apartment complex. Strangely enough, despite the downward direction his story appears to have taken, he makes a point to focus on his physical wellbeing. As the scene shows a brief glimpse into his apartment, Gosling applies Compex electric muscle stimulators to his back. While this may not seem significant to the common eye - individuals that prioritize wellness in their lives do know the value of giving time to recovery. So while Gosling’s apartment and life status did not look to be in their best shape at this point in the movie, this scene is noteworthy. It marks the intention the character is giving to work toward being a better version of himself. As he decides to get himself back into the swing of stunts, he’s incorporating Compex into his regime. We find it significant that the film’s producers made a point to feature recovery tools amidst so many action scenes. May we suggest that you too, make a point to recovery adequately. 

No spoilers here - though we will reveal that Gosling’s recovery tactics apparently do what they’re supposed to, as he does indeed return to the set as a stuntman.  

If one example of Compex featured on Hollywood’s sets with an A-list actor wasn’t enough, we’ll carry on. 

Welcome to Wrexham is a documentary now streaming on Hulu. Wrexham is a professional association football (soccer, for American readers) club in Wales. Some fast numbers for you: Founded in 1864, Wrexham is the third-oldest professional association football team in the world. England has nine soccer leagues, and Wrexham plays in the National League, which is fifth from the top. Meaning while yes, it is a professional sports team, there isn’t major reason for the team to be particularly famous. Here’s where Hollywood ups its fame.  

In 2020, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney purchased the football club. Truth be told, McElhenney originally got the idea of investing in a soccer team from watching the Netflix series Sunderland ‘til I Die. Reynolds and McElhenney set their criteria for what team they would invest in: Passionate fanbase and engaging storyline. They landed upon Wrexham, and what a story it’s become. 

Wrexham had spent 15 years playing in the fifth-tier National League. They held a loyal fanbase but low winning rate. Since Reynolds and McElhenney purchased the team, they’ve earned back-to-back promotions. Next, they will play for League One, England’s third tier football team. Amidst all the literal goals scored, Reynolds and McElhenney were working on the documentary to share the progress. Welcome to Wrexham tells the Cinderella story over the past three years. Season 1 launched in August 2022, and Season 3 was released in May 2024. 

What comes with a professional sports team: Recovery and training optimizing tools. As the documentary flashes through various scenes around the stadium, training rooms, and athletes post-practice, Compex scores a role as a cast member. If muscle recovery tools were casted, of course. It is profound that the producers would see it beneficial to include electric muscle stimulators - furthering the point that recovery is not something to be overlooked, even when cutting scenes for a documentary.  

Looking for tips on how to utilize Compex for soccer training? We’ve got you.  

Gone are the days when Compex muscle stimulators are confined to the closet recovery athletes and training rooms. Being featured on these big screens goes to show that Hollywood production companies do see the value of prioritizing training and recovery. Compex continues to deliver - for professional athletes in real-time, along with characters acting as stuntmen. As Compex is featured in movies and documentaries, may recovery continue to be normalized and encouraged as an aspect of everyday life. 

Let the credits roll. 

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