Written by Danielle Nederend

How Compex is effective for everyday athletes

If Pro Athletes use muscle stim, wouldn’t the average person benefit from it?  

Have you joined the viral cold plunging and sauna routine yet? It’s taken the fitness world by storm, and more and more people are jumping in regularly. We’re all for wellness, which is why we work everyday to get our beneficial products in the hands of more active people to prolong their wellness.  

Are you an everyday athlete looking for an efficient way to upgrade your workout performance? If so, then Compex may be the key to unlocking that potential. As a trusted tool by gym goers, everyday people interested in maintaining their health, wellness warriors, and professional athletes across multiple sports—from lacrosse players to triathletes to MMA fighters and beyond—Compex has helped countless athletes optimize their strength, endurance, and recovery while minimizing injury during training sessions. Let's explore how Compex can help the everyday athlete training on their own reach peak athletic performance by working smarter, not harder, regardless of what your fitness goals may be. 

What is Compex and how does it work to help athletes reach their goals? 

Compex is a unique electric muscle stimulation technology that helps athletes take their training to the next level and improve their overall output. It works by recruiting muscle fibers to deliver electrical stimulation to your muscles during workouts. Professional athletes have found it to be highly effective in getting the most out of their workouts—and it is effective for people of all levels training for wellness. With these stimuli, muscles are recruited quicker for increased efficiency, pushed harder during workouts, and able to recover faster in between workouts for quicker results. Overall, this specialized EMS is designed to make workouts more efficient and help athletes of all levels reach their highest potential. 
The benefits of using Compex 

As an advanced electrical muscle stimulation tool, Compex introduces a way of training with vast benefits. It does so many things to enhance the effectiveness of a workout, including speeding up muscle recovery, increasing power when lifting, improving coordination and contracting more muscle fibers than traditional exercises. Research shows that using Compex on specific muscle groups can increase the production of hormones related to speedier recovery of damaged tissues, reduce the risk of injury, and make muscles stronger. As using Compex speeds up muscle contraction, it leads to increasing both your power and coordination. This device revolutionizes the way athletes train in order to reach peak performance by helping to control speed, strength, endurance, and coordination of movements. With the various benefits, it is no surprise that Compex has become a standard part of pre-game or post-workout routine for many professional athletes. As it is integrated into training more commonly, now is the time for the everyday athlete wanting to improve their fitness levels to join the club.   
How to use Compex in your training routine to maximize results 

While Compex does utilize electricity for muscle stimulation, it is extremely simple to use.  By targeting muscles with an electrical stimulus, Compex stimulates them instantly, allowing for greater muscle activation and decreased recovery time for athletes. Using a Compex muscle stimulation device offers athletes the opportunity to make efficient use of their time and get maximum results from their training routine. No weights are necessary for this type of training, yet it still offers capable athletes the same positive effects as a weight-based program. Using Compex during a training session can help athletes reach their goals faster and more effectively. 

Of course, Compex muscle stimulators can absolutely be used to elevate weight training as well. By warming up with a Compex device, anyone lifting weights can prime their muscles quicker for a stronger, more efficient lift. Plus, speeding up recovery time only means more efficient use of time for greater gains. 

Examples of professional athletes who have seen success training with Compex 

As electric muscle stimulation can benefit people training from all experience levels, we can all take a few notes from the pros, let's look at a number of professional athletes who have used Compex consistently, and earned titles doing so. 

UFC fighter Ashley Yoder from USA uses Compex in her recovery and strength training, and is a 7-time MMA winner in the UFC Fighter in the Strawweight Division. As MMA fighters need to be mindful to train the entire body at an endurance level, Compex is an efficient way to maximize Yoder's workouts. 

By using Compex EMS for recovery post-run, professional trail runner Charlotte Morel of France speeds up recovery time to show up fresher on the trails. This helps make her training more efficient so she can see faster speeds and improve her endurance on the trails. 

Alessandro Degrasperi, 2-time Ironman Lanzarote Champion, 2x top 20 Ironman Kona, and multiple 70.3 winner, raves about Compex Ayre compression boots and SP8.0 and how they speed up her recovery. 

As UFC fighter Adrian Yanez of Texas, USA says about the Compex Ayre compression boots: “The extra added boost that every fighter needs – adding the Compex Ayre boots into my recovery routine has definitely boosted my performance. After using them the first time, my recovery that next day was phenomenal, it felt like my legs weren't sore, felt like I could go a little bit more.”  

With these varied results, tested and true testimonials, it's no wonder why professional athletes like Yoder, Morel, Degrasperi, and Yanez have seen improvements in their performance since using Compex. While you may not be training to reach professional levels, it’s always beneficial to prioritize your body’s wellness so that you can prolong your longevity and physical capabilities.  
Tips for making sure you get the best results when using Compex 

For everyday athletes looking to get the best results out of using their Compex electrostimulation, there are a few steps one can take. First and foremost, it's important to ensure you go through instructions for how to use your Compex unit at home. Our Compex team makes this simple by adding accessible QR codes to product information, so you can easily access how-to-use videos from the comfort of your home, gym, local track, or wherever you workout or get your recovery routine on. Additionally, make sure you read all user guides associated with operating your unit correctly so that you understand how and when you can increase intensity levels as necessary. To maximize recovery time from injury or surgeries, using your Compex consistently is key. Regularly evaluating how you feel after each use would also help to keep track of how effective Compex is for you. 

In conclusion, Compex is an amazing tool for athletes looking to maximize their training. Whether you’re just getting started on your wellness journey or are a veteran looking for an edge, the benefits of Compex—from improved muscle contraction and recovery time to better coordination and power—are sure to be worth your while. By following the tips outlined here, like increasing the intensity of your sessions at no extra effort to you, and optimizing warm-up times and recovery, you’ll see results. With so many success stories from professional athletes around the world it's clear that Compex is far more than hype—it truly works. So if you’re looking to ascend to new heights in your game and exceed what you even thought you could do, look no further than Compex: the perfect compliment to any active person’s routine. Looking to maximize your training? Pick up your own Compex e-stim device today and take your progress to a whole new level. 

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