Make your loved ones’ Easter with the gift of recovery.

Written by Danielle Nederend

Easter Gift Guide

Easter is upon us once again. Does it seem like it was just the holidays or what? This year, blow your friends and family out of the water with the gift of muscle recovery. Now that’s something everyone could benefit from. Imagine their faces when your Easter gift surpasses all the others.  Check out our list of gift items and who we recommend for what.  

Compex Wireless Mini

The wireless mini muscle stimulator offers unparalleled convenience and effectiveness for optimizing workouts and managing muscle pain. With its wireless, mobile design, and smartphone connectivity, the Compex Mini Wireless is a versatile tool for enhancing warm-ups, training sessions, and recovery processes. FDA-510(k) cleared for safety, it combines electric muscle stimulation and TENS therapy for comprehensive support. Whether you're on-the-go, at the gym, or relaxing at home, this device empowers users to take control of their fitness journey. Compact and easy to use, it's the perfect solution for anyone seeking to elevate their training experience and alleviate muscle discomfort.  

Who to give to: Your husband who is always doing everything he can to keep things around the house nice and needs to relieve those sore muscles with an at home wireless mini session. 

Compex Molecule™

The compact vibrating massage ball, the Compex® Molecule™, is a go-to for anyone active on the go. With four vibrating massage settings and a premium outer shell made of polyurethane, it is useful, durable, and supportive while remaining non-toxic. Pinpoint pressure points to prepare muscles prior to working out, or massage out muscles after training. It’s TSA-approved and compact in size, so users can easily pack it to keep on hand to maintain their muscle recovery while traveling. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so take it with you anywhere and don’t fret about keeping the right battery on hand. 

Who to give to: Your sister who travels all over for work and sneaks in workouts in whichever hotel gym she can. 

Compex Ion™

Level up your foam roller game. Work deep tissue layers to relieve stiff, sore muscles with the Compex® Ion™. The vibrating deep tissue massage roller will aid in reducing soreness, releasing knots, and increasing performance. With four vibration speeds, users can cater the intensity to what they need. It was made of industrial grade material to be highly durable—aka it’s tough, so your recipient doesn’t need to worry about it concaving. Also TSA-approved and rechargeable. 

Who to give to: Your nephew strenuously training to keep up with recruiting opps coming in the spring. You want him to get his best shot at a college scholarship, so keep him fresh with the Compex® Ion™. 

Compex Fixx™ Mini

The miniature deep tissue percussion massager for all those hard to reach places. The Compex® Fixx™ Mini has three speeds and an extension handle, so users can tailor their use to precisely what they want, where they want. Massaging muscles aids in lessening soreness while loosening tight muscles. Relieve tight muscles, improve range of motion, and release knots when you use the Compex® Fixx™ Mini. It fits in your palm making it quite convenient for packing on the go. Also rechargeable and compatible with all Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 and 2.0 tips.  

Who to give to: Not to be generic, but the Compex® Fixx™ is truly great for anyone. It’s simple to use and hard not to love. With its practical size and ease of use—and might we add, extreme relief upon massaging—this really is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Compex Ayre™

Wireless compression boots are the ideal gift to give for rapid recovery. Compex® Ayre™ boots work to relieve the lactic acid that builds up after training muscles. By moving around the lactic acid and other toxins built up, they help improve circulation and blood flow. While users wear the boots, dynamic pulsing compression moves up the legs to activate muscle recovery. They last up to 60 minutes with a single charge, so sit back to relax while your legs recover.

Who to give to: Your uncle who’s been experiencing frustration trying to get back into his fitness game. You know he’ll get there, he just needs to prioritize recovery a bit more. Have him wear the boots while watching his favorite team and see a difference in the gym. 

So simplify your Easter shopping this year. Rather than racing around the mall, increasing the stress you’re already experiencing, imagine the relief you would feel if you saw a Compex® recovery tool in your basket. Muscle repair and recovery isn’t going out of style anytime soon that we can see. Get your Easter goods now. Your loved ones and their muscles will be happy you did.  

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