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Help alleviate stress, tight muscles and soreness with the assistance of a massage device. Whether large or small muscle groups, a massage device can help alleviate targeted areas to help you ease stiffness and increase flexibility so you can move and perform your best during competition. From work to the gym to travel, shop our portable massage devices and get a pro-like treatment that you deserve.

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  1. View Details Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager
    Special Price $199.99 Regular Price $299.99
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    (18) Reviews

    Portable, battery-operated massage device that helps relieve sore or tight muscles pre or post-workout.

    Learn More
  2. View Details Lithium Battery for Compex® Fixx™ 1.0
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    Replacement lithium battery pack for Compex Fixx 1.0 Massager. Learn More
  3. View Details Compex Fixx Interchangeable Tips (2 Tips)
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    Cone: For smaller muscles and trigger points.
    Paddle: For larger muscle groups and IT bands. Learn More

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