Ambassador Programs

Join some of the world's premier athletes and represent a global leader in muscle stim and recovery technology. Be your best and help make others better.

Members of the Compex Ambassador team will apply directly through the websie provided below and be given the opportunity to partake in an exchange program. You will receive a Compex product in exchange for a social post. We will post regular exchanges which opens up the opportunity for you to receive a wide variety of our products.

We would also like each ambassador to request to be a part of our private facebook ambassador page:( where you will be able to access to product information and training, and other tools and tips to support success, both as an athlete and as a partner with the world-renowned Compex brand.


Ambassadors are required to apply to the program by clicking the link below:

Once you have applied you will be notified with our first exchange opportunity. At that point you can submit to be a part of that exchange. You will choose a date that you will post to social media and the product will be shipped to you.

We would like you to post to Instagram and share it to your Facebook feed as well, if you have one. Make sure to share your post in the Compex Ambassador Facebook as well. Use the hashtags #CompexAthelete #CompexUSA in your post.

You must follow all conditions outlined in the Ambassador program documentation with respect to product claims, product presentation, branding, personal conduct, and product category exclusivity. Specifics are shared in the brand guidelines provided in the link you will apply to (Find Your Influence)



Self-motivated and upstanding members in the fitness community who have a broad network and who represent themselves in a positive light. A few descriptions that come to mind are:

  • Fitness Oriented
  • Health & Wellness Focussed
  • Gym Junkies
  • Team Sports Athletes
  • Individual Sport Athletes
  • Hard Working Indviduals

All Compex Ambassadors must be based in the United States.

Please feel free to reach out to our marketing director Katie Loughridge for any questions regarding the ambassador program.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Compex Family!