Hey All,

So I have been meaning to write and never do whenever the discussion comes up about training/racing gear. You hear plenty of talk about race wheels, powermeters, heart rate monitors, etc, but more important to racing is hoiw well you recover while training and staying injury free.

Last year I got one of the COMPEX units and the thing is AWESOME. I have used it exclusively for the active recovery. I was reminded just how awesome and versatile this tool is when I started to develop tenderness in my achilles and a big ole knot in my calf. Sound familiar? Too much, too soon. Should be my nickname!!

At the first sign of trouble I started my hot/cold therapy, limited stretching, which is like always the first thing I want to do, and using the TriggerPoint roller. The next day I still had the same thing going on, so I took the day off from running and used my COMPEX in the morning and again in the evening.

I feel 100% different today. I will get in a shorter than scheduled run in, hit the ice when I get back and then use the Compex again tonight. I'll send an update tomorrow, but the knot is gone and the achilles feels normal. No NSAID's were used in the production of this email!!

This is a true unsolicited testimonial and I am not compensated by COMPEX. If you are thinking about spending thousands on wheels or a power meter, I would strongly encourage you to think about picking up a COMPEX for less than half the cash and the thing is much more useful. Being able to train better and more consistently is the best tool in your 'get faster' kit!!

Have a great day!!

Brian Long
Sea Coast Exclusive Properties