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This tip is about how to use Compex to correct your posture. As most of us spend our day hunched over at a desk, working on a computer, being able to strengthen our postural muscles can be valuable and help reduce the risk for future injuries.

Kiki: Hey guys. Today's tip, posture. Its important for so many reasons. I'm here with Casey Parlett of CrossFit 760, Casey how can you help me with that perfect posture.
Casey: Alright so if we turn Kiki around I can show you the pad placement. So we can hook up Post Delt, and hook up the Sub Scap. That will allows us to pull that shoulder down and back into a good position with the Compex. We can use a double pad here, a single, and one more single here. Alright, we have Kiki set up on the resistance setting and thats going to allow us to hit as much muscle as we can with a nice long contraction to get as much out of it as we can. You can see as she relaxes that shoulder will roll forward again, and as we contract you'll see that shoulder will pull down and back into that correct posture that we're looking for.
Kiki: There you have it. Better posture with compex. Find out more at Compexusa.com