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Pad Placement

  1. Tuesday Tip- Pad Placement Made Easy

    Just in case you missed it:

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    This tip is understanding how to place electrodes. Whether on our main larger muscle groups, or smaller accessory muscles, the way you think about how to place the pads will be the same.

    Kiki: Hey guys. Pad placement made easy is todays tip. Brandon here is showing us how to do it.
    Brandon: Your quad goes vertically, it doesn't go Horizontal. SO you'll never want to go positive negate, you'll always want to run the line of the muscle group. You can use any 2 x 4 snap to go at the start of a muscle group. Quad will typically start here and bottom of the quad ends right here and right here. So we're going to put this 2x4 single snap across like this. And now when you put the wireless device you're going to use gravity as your friend, slide this down, and then slide this down again on the bottom. Power it on and there you go. For the wired devices its the exact same process, only you have your black lead on top. You can go here if you so choose, and then down here as well. And that way you can fire the quad and if you so choose you can do the glute at the same time.
    Kiki: Summer Body here I come!

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