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Active Recovery & Compex

 I get asked the following question quite frequently...” How have you been able to race so long?” Well if only I knew the answer to that..LOL... But  here is a try at answering it.




For one I really do love what I do. Triathlon is one of the hardest sports to train for. It is very hard to master just one and Triathetes have to master 3 sports.So just when you think you have figured it out there is always something new to master. I am also a huge believer in making sure you recover properly from your workouts. I often tell the other athletes that I coach that Rest is training as well. Yes it is OK to take a day off put the feet up and feel what is like to be like everyone else. Thanks goodness you get to train again tomorrow.

Finally it is the extra little things that really count. For instance I am a firm believer in Massage, ART and my Compex. I must admit I love my Compex the most. I can use it any where whether I am sitting on the couch watching TV, in the car traveling to a race or even laying in bed. Its the easiest form of training. Why? Because you really don’t have to do anything. Can’t think of anything easier than that. Place the pads in the desired areas and I am ready to go.

Michellie Jones

"I’m a long time user and believer in Compex. It’s significantly enhanced my ability to train, race and stay healthy. My workout sessions are much more efficient because I can push harder and recover quicker."