Dave Dawson is a world record holding athlete that has used Compex for the past 8 years to accelerate his training goals. He drives to be the hardest worker in the room and uses Compex to push his body to the limits. He relies on Compex to help him train at a higher level, while not putting the stress on his body that an equivalent load in the weight room would.

Dave’s athletic background highlights include:
- Top 20 HS recruited football running back, baseball player and water polo player going into college.
- 11-0 amateur MMA record, 1-0 professional record (Pride fight league in Japan).
- 2008 All Ironman award AFL
- 7 years in NFL
- 3 world records in strength and power production
o 13.2 horsepower produced
o 4,922lbs of force generated
o 36 pull ups with a 50 lb weight vest in 60s

Here is what Dave had to say about his experience working with Compex:

“My focus has always been training smarter not just harder. I've never been satisfied with being just good, I’ve always wanted to be great. The Compex NMES unit allows my body to go beyond what I could have ever achieved on my own.

I feel if you use Compex it will allow you neurological advancement and muscular strength/power you cannot get any other way. I have use the device for recovery as well. It allows me to feel instantly refreshed and hit training, competition and challenges 50% faster than merely following normal recovery protocols (ice, heat, stretch, massage, rest). Strength training with the Compex device while performing dynamic/resisted movement gives results that are literally shocking. I have trained over 800 volleyball club athletes on Compex without altering their strength training, and averaged a vertical jump increase minimum of 4 1/2" in 4 weeks. Some achieved even higher.

I use Compex on average 4 hours a day, 6 days a week and have done so for the last 8 years. Truth be told, I will continue to train with Compex the rest of my life.”

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