Soccer is arguably the biggest sport in the world. It’s been called a religion; it’s paused wars. Right now soccer’s biggest tournament, The World Cup, is taking place in Brazil. Over the last few weeks, the top 32 mens teams in the world have been competing for ultimate glory. With such a tough competition compounded with the eyes of the world watching, players push themselves to the limits.

Our readers know that Compex can help athletes recover faster and increase their performance. But how can Compex potentially help soccer players? There are three things Compex can help with:

1. Shortening recovery time

During a major soccer tournament, there is not a whole lot time between matches. Compex can help shorten recovery time. How? By increasing blood flow. When an athlete uses the Compex electric muscle stimulator, blood flow rates in the muscles can increase by 600%. This helps to flush out waste products that build up from intense physical activity like lactic acid or debris from muscle fibers. The increased blood flow moves these waste products out of the capillary area in the muscle, leaving space for fresh blood to help you recover.

2. Generating endorphins

It’s no secret that many of the locations in Brazil are not the ideal climate for running around outside; they are equal parts hot and humid. With high temperatures and high humidity, physical activity can be exhausting. Fatigue can set in and even the most determined player can hit a wall. Compex can help to overcome that by generating endorphins to keep you going.

3. Relaxation

After a tough match, relaxation is important. While Compex can be used for building strength, it can also be used for relaxation. Using the massage programs helps you and your muscles relax and heal.

Prior to entering a tournament or the start of the soccer season, Compex can also be used to help build muscle strength during your training program; this increases performance but also, helps reduce the chance of injury. Check out our recommended training program for soccer players: