Ready to spring forward with your fitness in 2014?  World Champion Ironman Coach Siri Lindley presents how Team Sirius uses Compex muscle stimulators for a more effective workout.

Compex is fortunate and excited to work with Siri Lindley and Team Sirius.

Siri is not only a Word Champion Triathlete in her own rite:

  • She coaches an amazing group of professional triathletes to World Championship records and wins across the globe.
  • Siri was voted the 5th most influential person in triathlon this year by Triathlete Magazine.

Siri, Team Sirius, and Compex have partnered to share a workout that incorporates a "Sirius" style hill run workout followed by a Compex recovery session that gets you ready for more in a hurry.  Check it out!

The Compex Muscle Stimulator's electrical impulses reproduce the body's natural process of voluntary muscle contractions.  When these impulses fully trigger the motor nerves, the muscle responds with a deeper and more complete contraction. A muscle cannot tell the difference between the signal for a voluntary contraction from the brain versus a signal from a muscle stimulator

The results are:

  • a more efficient workout regimen
  • less risk of injury to joints and tendons
  • minimized cardiovascular fatigue

The Benefits of Compex Muscle Stimulators include:

  • Quickly improve strength, endurance, speed and power
  • Tone muscle
  • Build up more muscle with each contraction
  • Customized workouts for your individual needs
  • Thoroughly warm up to decrease injury
  • Faster recovery from workouts


Train, Recover and Compete like the Pros do with Compex.

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