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Compex® Electrical Muscle Stimulators

Optimize Your Training and Recovery

Shop electric muscle stimulators by Compex to help you strengthen your muscles, increase your endurance, boost your athletic performance, flush out lactic acid, increase blood flow, and recover faster. Our electric muscle stimulators can target slow twitch and fast twitch muscles without injuring your joints. Whether you are a competitive or everyday athlete, we have a muscle stim device that fits you. Ideal for all sports.

Use the resistance program on your Compex muscle stimulator to help get the benefits of weight bearing exercise - without the weights.

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What Do Electric Muscle Stimulators Do?

Our electrical muscle stimulators use electrical impulses to stimulate muscles. It’s not a substitute for working out, but it’s ideal if you’re looking to complement any exercise routine, enhance your training regimen, and reinforce your recovery.

Using Compex® devices to provide electrical stimulation for muscles is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is apply the adhesive pads and follow the instructions for your particular model.

This process is known as electric muscle stimulation (EMS), and is sometimes called neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). Compex® devices provide electrical stimulation for muscles, simulating the signals your brain would send to create muscle contractions.

The gentle stimulation provided by Compex® muscle stimulators can help provide vital nutrients, as well as blood and oxygen, to your muscles while also expelling toxins. That can make for faster recovery and reduced soreness.

Is Electrical Stimulation for Muscles Right for Me?

In short, if you're training or physically active to any degree, electrical muscle stimulation can help you in more ways than one. While commonly used by professional athletes, people of all fitness levels can benefit from electrical stimulation for muscles.

Is building strength your primary goal? Consider using a Compex® electrical muscle stimulator during your workout to elevate your results. Using one of our devices to provide electrical stimulation for muscles as you exercise can engage more of your muscle fibers, helping you enjoy more efficient workouts. Our stimulators are also ideal for helping engage often-overlooked muscles for better stability.

When it comes to your warm up or cool down routine, electrical stimulation for muscles can quicken both of these processes. With an optimized warm up before any workout or physical activity, you can reduce your risk of injury. At the end of your session, a cool-down aided by electrical muscle stimulation can minimize soreness and enhance circulation.

Recovery is just as important as your workout, and if you’re looking for a faster, more efficient recovery period, electrical stimulation for muscles can help. Compex® devices provide gentle stimulation that helps flush toxins out of your system while facilitating the delivery of oxygen, blood, and nutrients your muscle fibers need to rebuild.

Pain Management

The Compex TENS program helps to decrease the intensity of pain and increase motion and function.

Increase Explosive

The Resistance, Strength and Explosive Strength programs are designed to activate fast twitch, Type II muscle fibers (think power and force). By applying Compex technology to your muscles, you can increase explosive strength. And since Type II fibers are quicker to fatigue, use Compex Recovery to help those fibers get ready to fire again, faster! Find out more on the Compex Training Page.

Reduce Muscle &
Joint Damage

Compex programs can create powerful contractions which mimic weight bearing exercises, such as a heavy back squat. However, your joints get a break by the simple fact there is no additional load on them when performing body weight movements with Compex. Give those joints a break and let Compex do some of the heavy lifting!

Avoid Training Fatigue

By utilizing Compex Recovery programs an increase of blood flow is produced through low frequency twitches. These programs offer a faster reduction of lactic acid levels through accelerated exchanges between muscle fibers and blood. As a result, stimulated muscles recuperate better from fatigue. Find out more about the programs here.

Faster Recovery

Utilizing Compex Recovery Programs allows fresh oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the muscles, helping to flush out lactic acid and prevent those aches and pains from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).