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Who Should not Use Compex®

Check the following list of 15 questions:

Questions   Yes/No
1 Are you equipped with a cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device?  
2 Are you epileptic?  
3 Have you recently been victim of an acute trauma (less than 6 months)?  
4 Have you recently been subject to a surgical procedure (less than 6 months)?  
5 Do you have blood flow deficiency in your lower limbs?  
6 Do you have an abdominal or inguinal hernia?  
7 Do you suffer from cancer?  
8 Are you pregnant?  
9 Do you suffer from cardiac problems or diseases?  
10 Do you have painful or afflicted joints?  
11 Do you have muscle spasms?  
12 Do you have atrophied muscles?  
13 Do you have painful muscles?  
14 Do you need muscle reeducation?  
15 Do you have any joint showing a decrease in its range of motion?  

If you answer "Yes", or "Maybe", or "I don't know" to one or more questions, do not use the device and contact Compex for more information.

If you have 15 "No" answers, you can use Compex. Make sure to read your user manual completely before the first use.

What Should Never Be Done
with Compex

  • Never use it while driving or operating machinery.
  • Never use it in a humid atmosphere like a sauna, a bathroom or a swimming pool.
  • Never use it in ways other than recommended in the "Operating Instructions".

Where Never to Apply the Electrodes!

  • On the head or any area of the face.
  • On the neck or any area of the throat.
  • On both sides of the thorax simultaneously (front and back sides, or lateral sides).
  • On, or in the vicinity of skin lesions or eruptions of any kind.
  • Over the abdominal region during menstruation periods.
  • On skin areas lacking of normal sensation.
  • Only use the electrodes supplied by Compex.
    Other electrodes may present a risk of unsuitable electrical
    characteristics with your stimulator.
  • Do not use the same electrodes on different people. Each user
    must have his or her own electrode set. Otherwise, skin reaction
    or cross contamination may occur.
  • Do not plunge the electrodes into water.
  • Do not apply a solvent of any kind onto the electrodes.
  • Always stop the stimulator before removing or moving the electrodes.
  • Wash skin thoroughly, and then dry it before applying the electrodes.
  • Apply the whole surface of the electrodes firmly to the skin.
    Do not use electrodes that do not stick properly, i.e. that do not stick to the skin or that only partially stick to the skin.
  • In case of skin redness under the electrodes after a stimulation session, do not start a new stimulation session in the same place if skin redness is still evident.