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Cyclists Achieve Maximum Results By Training With Compex Electrostimulation Machines

Electrostimulation Machines

Using electrostimulation therapy, hobby cyclists can train to increase their skill level using Compex electronic muscle stimulation (EMS).

July 21, 2009, United States - Everyday cyclists are intently following the coverage of the Tour de France wondering “How can I perform at that level?”. By adding an electrostimulation (EMS) machine to their training regimen, these cyclist have the opportunity to join the ranks of elite athletes like six times Tour de France Green Jersey winner Erik Zabel and three times Tour de France Winner Joane Somarriba. Both Zabel and Somarriba have incorporated electronic muscle stimulation as part of their training routine.

Electrostimulation (EMS) therapy with the Compex muscle stimulator utilizes targeted programs that enable cyclists to improve the performance of the muscles specifically related to cycling. After training with Compex EMS cyclists can expect improvements in their long distance and sprinting performance, as well as quicker muscle recovery after training.

“The Compex programs simplify electrostimulation for cyclists,” Greg Houlgate, director of sales for Compex. “By channeling the EMS into specific programs like Strength or Endurance the athlete is able maximize the performance of their muscles specifically related to the type of cycling the do…sprinting, climbing, distance, etc.”

In addition to enhanced muscle performance, when training with Compex electrostimulation cyclists can also expect to experience improvements in their VO2max and lactic capacity, as well as eliminate mental fatigue that comes from over training.

Developed by the worldwide leader in electrostimulation therapy, Compex electric muscle stimulation machines are cleared for sale in the United States without a prescription. Visit for more information about using Compex Electrostimulation therapy to improve your cycling performance.