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Compex Testimonials & Reviews

Many professional athletes turn to electrical muscle stimulation to improve their performance. Check out these electrical muscle stimulation reviews from professional athletes about their experiences training with Compex.

Jordan Rapp

Jordan Rapp

Professional Triathlete
2011 ITU Long Distance Triathlon world champion

"Compex is the simplest and most effective tool I've found to help restore normal muscle function after hard training and racing. It's easy to isolate individual muscles that can use a little extra stimulus, either because they are getting overworked and are fatigued or are getting underworked and not contributing as much as they could be. It's compact enough to bring anywhere; easy enough to use for anyone; and powerful enough to be a real asset for both training and recovery. The recovery-plus mode is great for getting blood flowing to tired muscles after a workout while the various strength programs are effective for training and restoring natural function to hard-to-target muscles where it'd be easy to compensate. The more I use my Compex, the more new ways I discover to use it even more."

Brianna Walle

Team Optum - 2013 3rd in the Nature Valley Grand Prix Prologue and QOM jersey

"I LOVE your product! I use Compex as part of my Recovery routine, especially after hard workouts and races. I most frequently use the settings 'Active Recovery' immediate after and 'Recovery Plus' a few hours after hard workouts. I'll often use the 'Recovery Plus' setting the evening before a hard workout. My legs feel more relaxed after. Just put the feet up and relax!"

Courtney Lowe

Team Optum

"After having some time off the bike from injury I use Compex to keep the muscles firing and working so when I return to the bike my strength and power are still well maintained and getting back to full strength takes A LOT less time"

Lauren Hall

Team Optum

"I'm excited to have Compex as a sponsor and supporter of team Optum for another year. Having a dedicated company such as Compex has helped aid in my recovery during stage races with the recovery plus function. I also utilize the Compex on the long flights to Europe to keep my blood flowing and muscles supple. Compex knows what we as cyclists need and they understand the commitment, fitness level and efforts that have to be undertaken to be at the top level."

Eric Young

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"I really like using the Compex for post race or training recovery. During the Vuelta Mexico this year, I was able to use the Recovery plus program for about 30 minutes each day after the stage in addition to a normal massage from our soigneur, which helped loosen up my legs and get them ready for the next day's stage. Thanks to Compex for helping to keep me fresh enough to win stage 6!"

Scott Zwizanski

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"The Compex is a tool I use to recover quick from long travel days to get to races. It's essential to get the legs feeling good for a big race and that can be tough when you arrive one day before. I use the recovery and massage programs to get my legs loose after sitting on a long flight. The Active Recovery program on the Compex helps me flush out my legs after a hard race or training session."

Jeremy Durrin

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"Thank you both very much for getting back to me so quickly! I got your emails just before getting on a plane yesterday, which meant I was able to run the recommended programs for the whole flight (4 hours!) and during layovers. I can feel a qualitative difference already and will try getting back on the bike this afternoon. I really can't thank you enough! (Actually running Active Recovery as we speak)."

Alex Candelario

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"My Compex is crucial for recovery between races. This was especially true during our last European campaign where we raced for 5 days, flew back to the US, had one day of recovery, and then began racing for an additional 5 days. No other muscle stimulation unit can handle this type of load and was perfect for travel"

Ryan Anderson

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"I really enjoy being able to finish my training and have the convenience of the Compex to put on for a quick recovery massage!"

Leah Kirchmann

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"Compex is an important part of my regular recovery routine as a cyclist. I find it especially beneficial to use during long transfers between races."

Mike Friedman

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"As a professional cyclist I have an extensive travel and race schedule. With every trip I take, I try not to miss an opportunity to bring along my Compex. I do this because I believe in the programs and utility the device has to offer. I use a variety of programs at different training periods to optimize my time in the saddle. These typically include the strength endurance settings, active recovery, and massage programs. I use another variation of programs during travel, an especially important time for me since I have a dangerous habit of forming blood clots when flying. Because of this, I use the the active recovery program to allow my muscles to gently contract helping my legs to maintain healthy blood circulation through the duration of the flight. In the leading hours of my races I use the activation and potentiation settings to prepare and warm up my muscles for optimal activation and preparation for their use and then massage after the race has taken place. Being a cyclist means I normally use the Compex on my legs, however I've also use the device on my back, arms and neck to alleviate pain/tenderness that comes from long hours in the saddle.

In addition to myself, I've given my father in law time on the Compex as well to help with his Neuropathy, a disease that alters his ability to use the muscles of because it affects his nerves outside his central nervous system. He states that it has allowed his muscles to not atrophy to the point that he's incapacitated and is still able to lead a fairly normal lifestyle including cycling and riding his motorcycle.

From these uses and experiences, I highly recommend trying out and using Compex. It takes a little bit of playing with it to understand the device and what programs best suit your needs, but so does an iPhone, computer, or coffee machine. I encourage anyone to try out these devices as it might surprise you as to how helpful they can be."

Jesse Anthony

Optum Pro Cycling Team

"Of the many uses for Compex, one of my favorite is stimulating the muscles after a deep tissue massage. The Recovery Plus feature on Compex really helps decrease muscle soreness after a hard massage."

Amber Pierce

Optum Pro Cycling Team
Photo credit: Brian Hodes (

"Thank you both very much for getting back to me so quickly! I got your emails just before getting on a plane yesterday, which meant I was able to run the recommended programs for the whole flight (4 hours!) and during layovers. I can feel a qualitative difference already and will try getting back on the bike this afternoon. I really can't thank you enough! (Actually running Active Recovery as we speak)."

TJ Tollkason

Ironman Champion

"Compex is an indispensable tool for athletes looking for next level performances. Recovery mode is just the beginning with a Compex, and athletes can quickly expand into training and proper muscle activation. There is no single tool as complete and beneficial as a Compex. Compex muscle electro stimulation is an essential tool I use to keep my body functioning at 100%. Compex allows me to focus on very acute areas of muscle to stimulate and choose a strengthening program, recovery program, or an endurance program. The versatility of Compex is extremely important not just for increased blood flow for recovery but also for proper muscle recruitment and correct muscle firing patterns. Compex allows me to be proactive about recovery, injury prevention, and rehabilitation."

April Morgan

Pro Mountain Biker

"I absolutely can't believe the impact this Compex has already had on my workouts. I've been putting in some really awesome back to back days. Recovery used to be a massive issue for me. I can actually notice the recovery effect the instant I wake up in the morning!"

Lukas Verzbicas

Triathlon Champion

"Regular use of Compex allowed me to stimulate and rebuild atrophied muscle from what was diagnosed as a career ending injury. My continued use has allowed my body to recover from the intense and prolonged training regiment with decreased muscle fatigue. It has effectively improved my overall performance."

Michellie Jones

2000 Olympic Triathlon Silver Medalist
2006 Ironman World Champion

"I’m a long time user and believer in Compex. It’s significantly enhanced my ability to train, race and stay healthy. My workout sessions are much more efficient because I can push harder and recover quicker."

Leslie Patterson

Professional Triathlete Champion / XTERRA Racer

"With a major World Cup Xterra Race approaching, I was pretty dismayed when I crashed on a training ride and severely pulled a muscle in my back. Luckily my close friend let me borrow his Compex unit and since then I've been a big believer. From barely being able to get out of bed, after religiously using the Compex unit 5 times a day on my injured muscles, I was back training within 3 days! Because of this experience, I then started using the Compex unit as a recovery tool after tough sessions. Not only was I able to do hard sessions on back to back days, I could now do one in the morning and one at night if I used the Compex unit. When you're a multi-disciplined athlete who trains 30-35 hours per week, you HAVE to use Compex Sport to make it through the week!"

Josh Childress

Former first round NBA draft pick.
Highest paid basketball player in the world outside the NBA

"Compex Sport enables me to train longer and with greater intensity. It is remarkable. I would not have thought that this small device was so powerful!"

Ogonna Nneka Nnamani

US Volleyball Team
2008 Olympic Silver Medalist

"I was introduced to Compex while competing in Italy. The trainer had this unit to help us maximize our weight workouts and training sessions. At the beginning, I admittedly was very hesitant and skeptical about the machine and I did everything I could to avoid using Compex. Then came a time I was so desperate because I wanted to work on developing the muscles around my knee to help diminish my excruciating knee pain. Weightlifting and all the exercises one could ever imagine were just not effective. My trainer pushed me to try his Compex unit and the rest was history! With the addition of Compex, my muscles finally responded to training and I felt more explosive than ever and my knee pain disappeared. Now Compex has been an integral part of my training and I certainly cannot train without it. Thank you Compex!"

Shane Del Rosario

US WBC Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion
MMA Heavyweight Contender

"The Compex device has been instrumental in my overall conditioning and training regimen. As I am always looking for every legal advantage to improve my recovery the Active Recovery program clears lactic acid both quickly and effectively. The capability to recover is a crucial factor in Mixed Martial Arts. Compex has enabled me to train harder and recover faster than ever before - it's significantly improved my speed, power and muscle performance. No question the Compex Muscle Stimulator reduces my cardiovascular and mental fatigue associated with rigorous training and fighting. Compex has been one of my greatest victories!"

Peter Vanderkaay

USA Swim Team
2004 and 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist

"The Compex Sport has become an essential part of my training. It helps me build strength as well as recover after hard workouts.I firmly believe that Compex Sport can help take me to the next level."

Yanina Wickmayer

22nd Highest Ranking Worldwide Tennis Professional

"At the previous Grand Slam Tournament I had a bit of wrist troubles so I came in to the tournament tired and with a lot of stress and pain. The pain got worse and there was nothing else to do but rest and try to get ready for the tournaments in the US and Canada in August and after that the US Open. Wimbledon made me realize that training also has a lot to do with recuperation. I started using Compex just at the end of June.Compex has become an essential part of my training. Not only my training, but my sparing partners also use it. I think we’ll need more than one device! I not only use the Compex Sport for training and strengthening my muscles, but also for recuperation. That is very important when you play a series of tournaments, travel a lot, loose your normal training rhythm and put a lot of stress on your body. Reaching the semi finals in the USA meant a lot to me. I spent a big part of my childhood in the US and I trained there for years. So this tournament is very special. Compex was not the only reason for my success in the US Open, but it sure has contributed to getting as far as I did. Compex will remain an essential part of my training."

Hermann Maier

Alpine ski racer, Olympic Champion, 3 World Championship titles

"I never thought I would win again so quickly. It’s probably my greatest victory. Compex has always been an important part of my training routine."

Jerry Rice

NFL Great Wide Receiver - 49ers, Raiders
3 Time Superbowl Champion

"For two years after my surgery I tried every kind of exercise imaginable, but my left quad still remained smaller and weaker than my right quad. Then I started using Compex Sport for 20 minutes a day, and within just a couple of weeks I noticed a huge difference."

Simon Lessing

5 Time World Champion Triathlete

"I've stayed at the top of my sport for a long time due to determined training and recovery. And for the past seven years, the most important tool in my recovery arsenal has been the Compex Sport. Regular use of its specialized programs has significantly improved my ability to recover from rigorous training and has kept me injury free."