HyperIce Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball

Take myofascial release to the next level with a vibrating massage ball. Ideal for loosening and massaging muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.
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The HyperIce Hypersphere vibrating massage ball takes self-massage and myofascial release to the next level. Put aside your lacrosse ball, tennis ball, golf ball, whatever you have been using to try to get that deep tissue massage. Small in size but powered by 3-levels of vibration intensity, you are able to experience the same deep tissue massage you would receive from your physical therapist or athletic trainer with the added power of vibration which helps increase circulation. Increase circulation equals increase blood flow and increased blood flow equals a faster road to recovery. Use the Hypersphere massage ball to lengthen your muscles, loosen tight tendons or ligaments, and dig out the stubborn muscle knots. The Hypersphere can be used anywhere on the body and is most commonly used to treat areas like the lower and upper back, shoulder blades, quad, hamstring, IT band, glute, hips and even your foot. Dealing with plantar fasciitis? Turn on the vibration and roll the bottom of your foot. Dealing with a tight achilles? Turn on the vibration and roll your calf. Whether you are injured or just looking to keep your muscles loose, the Hypersphere can help you increase your range of motion, maintain flexibility, reduce pain, and sooth sore muscles.

This new innovative tool from HyperIce is designed for people on-the-go looking to improve their bodies and performance. The Hypersphere is durable which means it can hold your full weight as you lay on or lean against it. It is compact which allows you to bring it with you wherever you go. It is long lasting and gives you up to 2 hours of use after charging. It vibrates which makes it more than just your typical massage ball. It's here to change the game of self-massage and myofascial release so stock up one and begin to move better and faster.

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