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Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager

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Portable, battery-operated massage device that helps relieve sore or tight muscles pre or post-workout.

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Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager

Sore Muscles Ache For This

Perform your best without worrying about sore or tight muscles. Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager is your go-to portable massage device that can help reduce sore or tight muscles before, during or after your workout. Fixx™ 1.0 is easy to take with you, so you can help keep your body in performance-ready shape. It’s low-noise motor makes it easy to use whenever needed and the long-lasting, rechargeable battery makes it easy to take with you. With three speeds, you can use the massage device on various muscle types to aid in relief. Throw Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager in your gym bag and know your secret weapon to help recovery and perform better is within reach.


3-Speed Massage Gun Control
  • SOFT - For sensitive muscles, low speed can help alleviate knots and soreness while flushing out lactic acid.
  • MEDIUM - For muscles that are not too small or sensitive, but don’t want a deep tissue massage, the medium setting can help reduce soreness and tight muscles without causing discomfort.
  • FIRM - For larger muscles that need something similar to a deep tissue massage, the firm setting can help flush out the deep knots, lactic acid, and help loosen up tight muscles.

Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massage Gun

Features & Benefits

3-Speed Gun Control

Varying speeds help allow user to massage a wider range of muscle types and fatigue conditions. Lower speeds for more sensitive muscles and faster speed for deeper massage of larger and stronger muscles.

Rechargeable Battery

Portability for on-the-go use and long-lasting battery time of 90 minutes.

Quiet Brushless Motor

Low-noise motor for a peacefully quiet massage environment.

Custom Molded Grip

Ergonomically shaped handle with biocompatible silicone rubber grip to help maintain a secure grip while massaging. Therapists maintain grip with oily hands.

Battery LED Light Indicator

Battery indicator provides real time power supply data, so user can switch batteries with decreased down time.

3 Angle Adjustable Head

Three adjustable angles allow user to reach a wide range of muscle groups to help maximize results.

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What's in the Box

Fixx™ 1.0 Massager
Massage Gun
Silicone Ball Tip
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How to Use the Compex® Fixx™ 1.0 Massager

The ultimate deep tissue massage

Fixx 1.0 massager provides the ultimate deep tissue massage for sore and overworked muscles, and can also be used as part of a warm-up routine.

  • Fixx massager adjusts to 3 different speeds ranging from 25, 33, and 46 strokes per second.
  • Combining speed and hand pressure customizes the massage to meet your needs and requirements.
  • Use Fixx massager on body parts for no more than 1 minute per specific location.
  • Keep moving over muscles and avoid bony areas, and stop using immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort.

Refer to this chart to learn which muscle groups and body parts can benefit from Fixx massager, and remember to use the device for both warm up and recovery to help take your training to the next level.

Compex Fixx - Massage Points - Upper Body - Front
Compex Fixx - Massage Points - Upper Back
Compex Fixx - Massage Points - Hip - Front
Compex Fixx - Massage Points - Lower Back
Compex Fixx - Massage Points - Legs - Front
Compex Fixx - Massage Points - Legs - Back
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