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Barbells for Boobs

Compex is proud to partner with Barbells for Boobs. By supercharging yourself, you are helping us inform and educate people and giving those affected by breast cancer the opportunity to survive and thrive. A portion of all online sales at are donated to Barbells for Boobs and will help save another life from the devastating effects of breast cancer. Join the cause by purchasing a muscle stimulator to supercharge your workout and contribute to the cause.

A little about Barbells for Boobs:
Barbells for Boobs owes its origins to the friendship between founder Zionna Hanson and Cecy Morales. At 26 years old, Cecy found irregularities in her breast and was denied screening services and advised by medical professionals to simply come back upon turning 40. Not satisfied with this answer, Cecy was persistent and insisted on being screened only to finally discover that she was in the midst of stage 0 (DCIS) breast cancer.

Zionna Knew that the answers Cecy were given were nowhere near satisfactory. She decided then and there to make it her life's mission to ensure that everyone has a right to know if they are living with breast cancer and Barbells for Boobs was born.

Today, Cecy is a survivor! A thriving, vibrant and dynamic woman, whose very life continues to be our inspiration every day. As a result, Barbells for Boobs strives to fight and find ways to help and provide resources to those who need them. Every day, one less woman, one less man, and one less athlete is amongst us. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to potentially life-saving detection services.

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