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Simply put, electric muscle stimulation trains your muscles in a way that traditional workouts alone cannot. It is a "best kept secret" many elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to enhance their workouts and training programs. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) -- also known as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES), muscle stim or e-stim -- sends electronic pulses to your motor nerves in order to create muscle contractions.

Back and Knee pain are felt by most of the population at some point in their life and Compex is here to help you fight against those aches and pains that plague so many of us! We strive to help see you through to the other side of those back or knee aches and pains.

What is TENS and how does it work?

TENS/Heat Back Wrap

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a tried and true drug-free therapeutic treatment for symptomatic pain relief. Scientific theory suggests TENS therapy scrambles the pain signals that are being sent to the brain by exciting the sensory nerves. Those signals are scrambled by a mild and safe electrical current that travels from the device, through the lead cables, ultimately being delivered to the skin via the electrodes. While TENS can be prescribed by a physician for both chronic and acute pain management, all Compex devices are available to you “over the counter”.

TENS treatment is noninvasive and has few, if any, side effects when compared to drug therapy. Our Compex LT TENS only device offers pre-programmed treatment options with dual channel output. We also have four channel Compex 2.0 devices, as well as wraps that provide an electrode-free option for the back and knee. In addition, Compex has both high and low TENS program options. High TENS, aka normal TENS, uses a higher frequency with relatively short duration pulses while low TENS uses a lower frequency with a longer pulse. Application is simple, just place the electrodes on the area experiencing discomfort and begin the program! TENS is also found in our TENS/Heat Wraps which offer a trifecta of compression, warmth, and TENS to ease the pain.

What is Cold Therapy and how does it work?

Cold therapy (also known as cryotherapy), is the application of cold to an area of injury. The cold helps to numb the affected area and reduce pain. It also affects the cells at the injured area by decreasing swelling and promoting healing.

Doctors often recommend the use of cold therapy after an injury or surgery to help with a patient’s recovery.

Whether post-workout or post-injury, Chattanooga ColPac delivers up to 30 minutes of cold therapy to help relieve swelling and sore muscles. The reusable ice packs are filled with a non-toxic gel that remains flexible when frozen, meaning that every application of your ColPac will provide maximum coverage and consistent cooling power. From knee and ankle pain to wrist, back or neck injuries, the ColPac collection comes in a variety of sizes and available in blue vinyl or black polyurethane to help provide pain relief where you need it most so you can recover and crush your next workout or competition.

Chattanooga Colpacs:

  • Reusable
  • Cold Therapy
  • 30 minutes of soothing relief
  • Alleviate pain and reduce swelling