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Learn about Compex's elite range of products for sports recovery, how to use them, new product releases, interviews with athletes and upcoming events.
  1. 6 Benefits of using Compex Massage Guns
  2. What is Pressotherapy?
  3. What is Percussion Therapy?
  4. What is TENS?
  5. Training Recovery: The Role of Compex Products
  6. 4 Reasons to Optimise Muscle Recovery with Muscle Stimulation
  7. 5 Tips for Recovery During Triathlon Training
  8. 4 Tips When Preparing For Your First Triathlon
  9. Triathlon Training With Expert Guy Hemmerlin
  10. Functional Training and Compex Muscle Stimulation
  11. 5 Steps to Improve your Morning Routine
  12. 6 Benefits of Compex Muscle Stimulators
  13. What is Proprioception?
  14. Boost CrossFit Performance with Compex
  15. Vanessa Ruck on Her Road to Recovery

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