A women enjoying improving her abs using Compex Corebelt

With the Compex Corebelt, you can tone your abs and lower back muscles, including all the muscles between the diaphragm and the hips. It also helps you relax your lower back muscles thanks to its high quality Compex electrostimulation programs. You do not to worry about finding the correct electrode placement because the belt clearly highlights where to place them. All this is provided to you with maximum comfort using Compex's 100% safe technology.

The Compex Corebelt app allows you to track your progress, save workouts, and also provides coaching support for intensity and cycles to be performed (available on Corebelt 3.0 and 5.0 only).

Does electrostimulation really work and improve your abs?

The answer to this question is easy - YES.

Electrostimulation is a fundamental method used for muscle training and recovery as well as pain relief. As with any technology, you need to be mindful about which product you use and how you use it. You can learn more about this in this article.

Intensity is the one of the main parameters of electrostimulation simply because, the higher the intensity, the more muscle fibers are recruited during an exercise session. When training with the Corebelt, the intensity should be as high as possible at the highest maximum level you can bear. Obviously, it shouldn't cause discomfort or pain. Additionally, you should be able to maintain your form or perform the desired exercise movement smoothly.

When performing a massage program, the intensity should not be at maximum. It should be pleasant and relaxing.

10 exercises for better abs using Corebelt


A woman getting ready to improve her abs using Compex Corebelt

Level: Beginner

Recommended programs: "Tone" or "Reinforce"

Position: sitting or lying on your back

Main muscles involved: rectus abdominis, lower back muscles

Isometric work is the first recommended exercise for training with the Corebelt. This means holding a static position during Corebelt contraction phases. We recommend this exercise for those who have never used electrostimulation and also for those who don't usually train this muscle group.


A man doing a plank using Compex Corebelt

Level: Beginner

Recommended programs: "Reinforce", "Light Workout Program" or "Intense Workout Program"

Position: Plank

Main muscles involved: Lumbar, abs, transverse abdominal.

Simply execute a classic static plank, on elbows or palms. The important point is to pay attention to breathing and maintain abdominal contraction during the exercise.

Additionally, the Corebelt helps to perform the exercise optimally by promoting contraction of the rectus abdominis and lower back muscles.


A woman doing a side plank using Compex Corebelt

Level: Intermediate

Recommended Programs: "Light Workout Program" or "Intense Workout Program"

Position: Side plank

Main muscles involved: Internal, External, and Transverse Obliques

The side plank is an isometric exercise that works the oblique transverse abdominal muscles.

Maintain the position while lying on your side with your elbow (or hand) resting. Keep your pelvis aligned with the rest of your body. Smooth, deep breathing is important when doing this exercise.

We recommend performing this exercise with programs involving both the abs and lower back. Doing this will make the exercise more effective and also safe for the lower back. Additionally, the Corebelt will help you to maintain the correct position through muscle contraction.


A woman doing crunches for her abs using Compex Corebelt

Level: Intermediate

Recommended Programs: "Tone", "Sculpt", "Slim Waistline", "Light Workout Program"

Position: Sitting, legs lifted off the ground (or bent, if you want to make the exercise easier), back raised, arms raised. Maintain the position.

Main muscles involved: Rectus Abdominis

During this exercise, it is important to maintain balance and stability on the pelvis. In this exercise, slow and controlled breathing is fundamental.

In addition to helping with correct abdominal contraction, the Corebelt also helps stabilise the entire trunk if you use the combined training program.


Two women doing downward facing dog using Compex Corebelt

Level: Intermediate

Recommended Programs: "Strengthen", "Light Workout Program" or "Intense Workout Program"

Starting Position: On all fours, knees aligned with hips and hands on the floor aligned with shoulders

Final Position: Exhale, lift the knees pushing backward until you reach the Downward Facing Dog position

Main muscles involved: Lumbar and Abs

The Corebelt can be used during some yoga postures.

For example, during the downward facing dog posture, the Corebelt can improve core training or assist you during execution by stabilising the torso.


A man doing a crunches for her abs using Compex Corebelt

Level: Intermediate

Recommended Programs: "Strengthen" or "Intense Workout Program"

Starting Position: Lie down with bent legs

Final Position: Upright torso with arms close to knees

Main muscles involved: Abs

This is a great dynamic exercise for training the abdominal muscles. Perform the classic crunch movement from lying down to upright. The Corebelt stimulation will help us during the upward phase and then provide eccentric resistance in the downward phase.


A woman doing abs cycle crunches using Compex Corebelt

Level: Advanced

Recommended Programs: "Strengthen" or "Intense Workout Program"

Starting Position: Lying on your back with legs lifted and bent

Final Position: The elbow must touch the opposite knee

Main muscles involved: Oblique and Transverse Abdominals, Rectus Abdominis

This is an advanced exercise as it requires great strength in the transverse muscles and also good trunk balance to balance body weight and move correctly.

Perform the crunch movement smoothly, slowly, and dynamically while your Corebelt stimulates you following the app's instructions.


A man doing a side plank using Compex Corebelt

Level: Advanced

Recommended Programs: "Strengthen", "Light Workout Program" or "Intense Workout Program"

Starting Position: Side plank

Final Position: Depending on the leg and elbow variant, you will touch or pass the arm under the torso.

Main muscles involved: Oblique and Transverse Abdominals

The dynamic side plank is a complex exercise for abs. It involves arm and/or leg movements. It is important training for the transverse and oblique muscles, but it also requires great balance and stability to be performed correctly.

The stimulation of the Corebelt associated with the exercise aims to strengthen, but also stabilise the rectus abdominis.


A woman doing a plank using Compex Corebelt

Level: Intermediate

Recommended Programs: "Tone", "Strengthen", "Light Workout Program" or "Intense Workout Program"

Starting Position: Plank position on elbows or palms

Final Position: Knees touching both the ipsilateral and contralateral elbow, or laterally moved leg, or one of the many plank variations

Main muscles involved: Rectus Abdominis, Lumbar

The dynamic plank is an advanced exercise that makes a basic core exercise even more effective.

During the plank, you can perform a "mountain climber", i.e., bring the opposite knee into contact with the opposite elbow.

Another effective variant is to bring the leg outward, first one, then the other.


A woman relaxing using Compex Corebelt

Level: All

Recommended Programs: "Massage" or "Relax"

Position: Comfortable and relaxed

Main Muscles Involved: Lumbar

The most underestimated yet very important exercise for your abs… Resting.

Sometimes, back pain can occur due to training overload, poor posture during the day, or other reason. We can help to prevent these pains through trunk stabilisation and strengthening work associated with daily relaxation exercises.

The Corebelt 5.0 offers two programs dedicated to this goal: "Massage" and "Relax".

Proven Effectiveness

Supported by clinical studies proving their efficacy, Compex stimulators belong to the category of Class II medical devices and also meet the requirements of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

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