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Adjustable Calf and Shin Brace For Sports Injuries

Calf and Shin
Our high quality Compex calf supports are used by high-level endurance athletes to stabilise the muscle as it carries the body's load. Our solutions will help to reduce swelling, general pain and overuse injuries.

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  1. View Details Compex Trizone Calf
    Compex Trizone Calf Brace With Targeted Compression Support
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    Low profile, compressive calf sleeve Learn More
  2. View Details ColdForm Utility Compression Wrap
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    Compex Hot/Cold Therapy helps reduce swelling and pain, accelerating recovery through movable hot/cold gel pack and a bilateral compression wrap.

    We also offer Coldform solutions for Back, Knee and Shoulder, and provide Reusable Gel Packs separately.

    Learn More

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