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This is Compex

The journey of Compex begins in 1986, when ABB-BCC Secheron, a leading industrial electronics and technology company, created the subsidiary MediCompex SA in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1988 the first Computerised Muscle Pocket Exerciser, or Compex, was born. Since then, Compex has been providing clinically-proven and market-leading muscle stimulators to athletes and sports enthusiasts all over globe.

In the time since then, Compex has become the world leader in portable muscle stimulators which help improve performance & recovery in sports. Compex’s flagship muscle stimulation technology is an essential to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique coming from an unparalleled expertise, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment in sports and fitness. Backed up by clinical trials proving their effectiveness, Compex muscle stimulators belong to medical device category class II and meet the requirements of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

As we have grown, our product range has expanded and now, in addition to our Muscle Stimulator and CoreBelt range, includes a range of Bracing products, therapy devices including Massage Guns, Wireless Compression Boots, Kinesio-Tape and more.

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Our state of the art Muscle Stimulators are built to optimise your training and recovery, and are backed up by clinical trials proving their effectiveness. Athletes of all abilities can use them for physical preparation, muscular recovery and pain treatment in sports and fitness. They are easy-to-use alongside the Compex Coach App, and allow you to workout at home.

We offer both wired and wireless devices, boasting from 10-40 programs - find your Compex Muscle Stimulator today.

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The Compex Fixx™ massagers provide the ultimate deep tissue massage for sore and overworked muscles. We offer 2 different massagers, all created to loosen muscles: Fixx™ 1.0 and Fixx™ 2.0. We also have accessories for the Fixx, including extra tips and batteries.

The Fixx™ 1.0 is our intermediate product. It boasts 3 speeds and 3 different arm positions to allow easier access to more muscles. It comes with 1 tip but is compatible with an additional 4 tips.

Lastly The Fixx™ 2.0 is our top of the range massage gun. It offers 5 different speeds, 3 arm positions and comes with all 5 tips. It also boasts 2x the power of Fixx™ 1.0.

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The Compex CoreBelt range is made up of three high quality muscle stimulation belts, designed to help you build a stronger, more toned core. They are all controlled by an easy-to-use app and offer you the chance to stimulate both your Abs and Lower Back simultaneously.

The 1.0, 3.0 and 5.0 boast Compex's market-leading Swiss muscle stimulation technology which has proven results, backed up by clinical studies.

You can find out how many programs each belt has and more information on our Compare the CoreBelt range page.

The CoreBelt 1.0 offers 2 programs and gives you the opportunity to tone both your Abs and Lower Back simultaneously for improved core stability.

The CoreBelt 3.0 offers you app-driven training with 6 muscle stimulation objectives and in-app coaching.

Lastly the CoreBelt 5.0 offers 9 app-driven muscle stimulation objectives, including 1 massage and 1 pain relief program.

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The Compex Ayre™ wireless compression boots are designed for recovery of sore or aching leg muscles from exercise or recreational activities, helping you to be ready to go at full speed the next day.

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Our range of bracing, compression and supports have a variety of uses. The ColdForm range are ideal when it comes to heating/cooling the affected area to speed up the recovery process.

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Use the Compex Product Selector to find your device

Compex now offers a full range of recovery device solutions, with different products offering different methods, which can also be combined. It can be difficult to select the best recovery method, so we've put together a helpful chart to aid you in making the correct decision. We compare recovery effectiveness, costs, ease of use and more.

Let us help you find your perfect Compex product. Our product selector will help you find the best device to suit your needs.

All you need to do is answer a few questions and the product selector will do the rest.

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