A woman exercising her glutes using the Compex FIT 5.0 muscle stimulator

Ready to have the glutes you've always dreamed of? With electrostimulation, it only takes 20 minutes twice per week to head to your goal. Today, we are discussing how to quickly achieve the desired tone in an extremely important muscle group: the glutes.

The glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in our body, and they require intense effort to become toned and maintain muscle tone.

The glutes are among the most powerful muscles in the body, and it's thanks to them (among other factors) that we are able to stand upright. They are mainly during walking, running, or jumping and the glutes tend to lose their qualities when not sufficiently engaged or stimulated. A typical result of insufficient use is the gradual decrease in muscle tone, which can lead to flabbiness. This has an unfortunate effect on the body frame as it causes sagging of the glutes' tissues.

How can Electrostimulation tone Glutes?

Compex electrostimulation tones and firms the glutes effectively by providing the appropriate muscle work for this purpose, without adding muscle volume. The quality of Compex's electrical impulses allows for deep and progressive work during each session over a period of 6 weeks. After the first 4 weeks of use, the muscles will make good progress with visible results beginning to show already. The last 2 weeks offer a slightly more intensive workout to optimise muscle tone and firmness.

After this 6 week phase, one session per week is recommended to maintain your results, which will be even better if regular physical activity or sport is also part of your routine.

If you don't have a Compex yet - choose the one that best suits you from the fitness range.

Electrostimulation program for improving Glutes

Program: Shape your Buttocks

Cycle Duration and Session Frequency: 2 to 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks.

After 2 weeks, you can take a week off: no Compex for 7 days. Then, another week off after 4 weeks.

Note that you can work on several muscle groups in the same day with electrostimulation. However we recommend against working the same muscle group several times in the same day.

Electrode Placement: For electrode placement, you can choose between two options.

If you have a FIT 5.0, with only two modules, or if you want to do a softer (but still effective) workout:

Wireless electrode placement for 2 modules

If you have a FIT 5.0 muscle stimulator with 4 modules, or a wired stimulator (with 4 outputs), the preferred placement is as follows:

Wired electrode placement for 4 modulesWireless electrode placement for 4 modules

Intensity Setting: the desired effect is to achieve powerful contractions involving as many muscle fibers as possible.

Increase the intensity frequently to the maximum tolerable level during contraction phases! This is vital because the intensity directly affects the percentage of muscle fibers you recruit in a workout. Increase intensity regularly throughout each session because your glutes will get used to the technique.
Set the goal of improving the intensity levels reached in your previous session.
You will quickly reach an intensity level of 100. Then try to reach a level of about 250. It is not uncommon to see some athletes go up to the maximum (999).

You do not need to increase intensity during the rest phase.

During the warm-up and recovery phase: increase until you have visible muscle twitches that remain comfortable. On the SP 8.0, the mi-AUTORANGE function will automatically adjust the intensity. Once the intensity has been found, the system will display "Optimal intensity level found."

The screen displays session progress for both wired and wireless devices.

Example Exercises for your Glutes

Below are 2 exercise tips you can perform with Compex to tone your glutes.


Starting Position

End Position

A woman performing hip thrusts with the FIT 5.0 to tone her glutes


Starting Position

End Position

Results are achieved quicker and maintained better over time if you choose to adopt an active lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet. Regular maintenance sessions should be carried out to maintain the acquired benefits!

Proven Effectiveness

Backed by clinical studies proving their effectiveness, Compex stimulators also belong to the category of Class II medical devices. They also meet the needs of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

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