How to get rid of Saddlebags

Many of us are constantly on the hunt for our "perfect" body. A common issue for some are the dreaded saddlebags.

What are saddlebags?

Saddlebags are one of the most common and annoying imperfections. They are build ups of fat that form bulges between the thighs and glutes, widening a woman's silhouette on the sides of the hips.

In this article, we explain how to effectively use your Compex electrostimulator to act on this issue and lose those saddlebags, allowing you to feel more confident about your body.

What do we need to eliminate saddlebags?

Get rid of saddlebags using the Compex FIT range muscle stimulators

An electrostimulator, preferably from the FIT range, which has Thigh Toning and Capillarisation programs.
You will also need electrodes in good condition and of different sizes. This will allow you to be able to use different programs and target multiple body areas. In case of doubt, here is a page that shows electrode placements, as well as our electrode guide page.

What causes saddlebags?

The causes of saddlebags can be attributed to 4 factors:

  • Lifestyle: high-calorie diet low in fruits and vegetables, excess alcohol and tobacco
  • Hormonal causes: estrogens, which are produced during certain phases of life (for example, breastfeeding), may promote fat build up in the lower body.
  • Postural causes: in the case of sedentary work (long periods sitting), wearing high heels for a long period. This can lead to changes in microcirculation.
  • Genetic causes

How to use your Compex Electrostimulator to eliminate saddlebags

Losing saddlebags with Compex electrostimulation is simple. It requires a precise routine dedicating just 20 minutes a day. After waking up, before showering, in the evening in front of the television, whenever you prefer.

The plan is simple and there are 3 points to follow:

  • 1. Promoting blood circulation: this helps areas with poor circulation often caused by the accumulation of fat and cellulite.
  • 2. Toning the glutes: This is one of the largest and most powerful muscles in our body but also often one of the most insufficiently stimulated. A lack of stimulation can lead to fatty deposits accumulating.
  • 3. Toning the outer thigh: to get technical, targeting the lateral vastus and the tensor fasciae latae is key for this goal.

Before addressing toning with Compex, the topic of circulation must be addressed.

Favouring Circulation with the Capillarisation program

The Capillarisation program of your Compex electrostimulator is valuable. It allows targeted and powerful vascularisation of fatty areas where blood and nutrients struggle to circulate and need to be worked.

Think about the effectiveness of a treatment that increases blood flow in the targeted area by up to 300%, which is scientifically proven. There is no comparison: creams, hot and cold treatments, percussion therapy, pressure therapies… Nothing has such a powerful effect compared to electrostimulation.

Here are the key points of use:

  • Try to do the program every day. You can do it calmly while reading a book or watching television.
  • The body position should be relaxed and the electrostimulation intensity high but pleasant.
  • Place the electrodes on the outer thigh, buttock, or thigh.
  • Alternate these three areas if possible. Even if you only work on the thigh, you will get results because circulatory stimulation will have an effect on this area.

If you have a FIT 1.0, you can use the "Relaxing Massage" program. Although not as effective as capillarisation, this program also promotes circulation. It can have a positive effect on eliminating saddlebags.

If you have a Compex electrostimulator with MI technology, it will be easier to find the effective minimum intensity.

A woman toning her thighs using the Compex FIT 5.0 muscle stimulator

Toning Program: some tips

Do not take training for toning with Compex electrostimulation lightly. It is vital to proceed step by step, following some tips:

  • Start off by doing 10 contraction cycles and gradually increase the number of contraction cycles from one session to another (we recommend adding 5 contraction cycles each time). The number you see on your Compex is a target number for a full session, not a starting number.
  • Always try to work at the highest intensity you can tolerate to achieve maximum effectiveness of the stimulation session. Electrostimulation is hard work, but 'no pain, no gain'
  • Focus on one muscle group per session. Electrostimulation is not a complete body workout (beware of those who say otherwise).
  • Do not perform toning programs more than 3 or 4 times a week: this is a very intense stimulus.

That being said, let's see how to use your Compex to lose your saddlebags.

Saddlebags: Toning the outer thighs

Select the Thigh Toning program and also place the electrodes as shown in the photo on the abductor muscles (outer part of the thigh).

During the contraction phase, move one leg away from the other and then bring it back towards the other, alternating legs, first to the right then to the left. In the recovery phase, relax your legs.

Perform these exercises (you can rotate them) a maximum of three times a week, leaving a few days of recovery between each session.


Starting Position

Finishing Position


Starting Position

Finishing Position

Saddlebags: Toning the Glutes

Position the electrodes as shown in the photo below. Also, remember that the glutes are a powerful muscle and very difficult to stimulate properly. It is therefore very important to stimulate them with high intensity.

Electrode Positioning: Compex electrode placement on the glutes.

posizionamento elettrodi Compex a cavi sui gllutei

Program: Sculpt my Buttocks

Exercise Execution: Chair position (back to the wall, sitting position maintaining a 90° angle between the torso and legs). Maintain this position during the contraction phase.

Relax during the recovery phase.

Start with just 10-15 contractions. Follow up your session with a massage program or, even better, capillarisation. Remember to increase the intensities gradually: this is a fundamental point.

Desired intensity effect: To provoke powerful contractions involving as many muscle fibers as possible.

It is important to regularly increase the intensity to your maximum tolerable level. This is crucial because intensity directly determines the amount of muscle fibers you engage. Since only those that work progress, you should always try to engage as many as possible.

A good way to proceed is to set the goal for each session to exceed the intensity level reached in the previous session!

Therefore, you should quickly reach an intensity/energy level of at least 100, and then aim to approach a level of around 250. It is not unusual for some athletes to reach the maximum level.

Only increase during the contraction phase.

During rest phase, intensities are halved, and there is no need to increase.

During warm-up and recovery phase: increase intensity until you get visible muscle twitches that remain comfortable. On the SP 8.0, the mi-AUTORANGE function will automatically adjust the intensity. As soon as the intensity has been found, "Optimal intensity level found" will be shown.

A woman training her outer thighs using the Compex FIT 5.0 muscle stimulator

Proven Effectiveness

Supported by clinical studies proving their efficacy, Compex stimulators belong to the category of Class II medical devices and also meet the needs of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

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