A man placing his modules before a workout with the Compex FIT 5.0 muscle stimulator

One of the essential ingredients for increasing biceps volume is exercise. Muscle atrophy occurs when lack of activity deprives a muscle of its usual stimulation, leading to a decrease in muscle volume. This can happen, for example, during immobilisation. This type of indication is very common in the field of rehabilitation. And it's in this area that Compex made its mark in the medical world nearly 25 years ago. Compex allows for faster and more effective muscle rehabilitation. Healthy biceps require stimulation significantly greater than what a physiotherapist's office provides. Compex stimulators offer a program specifically dedicated to increasing arm/bicep muscle volume.

Developing Biceps With Compex Electrostimulator

The program starts with a two-minute warm-up using low muscle activation in the form of vibrations, which increase blood circulation. Following this, a sequence of extremely powerful long contractions and short active rests begins, repeating for about twenty minutes until the muscles are exhausted. The program concludes with 5 minutes of highly appreciated relaxation. They help reduce the intensity of muscle soreness the next day. Although these can still occur in less trained individuals!

A man building his biceps using Compex FIT 5.0 muscle stimulator and a resistance band

How To Use Compex Program To Develop Your Biceps

3 sessions per week for 6 weeks
Consistency is key. At least 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks is the minimum dose that yields truly surprising results!
Note that you can work on multiple muscle groups in the same day. For example: abs, thighs, arms, depending on the time you have… Working the same muscle group multiple times in one day is not recommended.

Body position and associated exercises: Below are some exercise tips you can perform with Compex to develop your biceps. To vary your session, you can alternate between these 2 exercises.

(if you don't have bars, you can use dumbbells or water bottles)

Setting the Intensity

Desired Effect: Induce powerful contractions involving as many biceps muscle fibers as possible.

It is important to regularly increase the intensity to the maximum bearable level!
This is crucial because the intensity directly determines the percentage of biceps muscle fibers you engage. Since only those working progress, you should always try to engage as many as possible = increase the intensity as high as possible.
Because everyone becomes accustomed to the technique, aim to regularly increase the intensities throughout each session (for example, every 4 to 5 contractions), as well as from one session to another.
A good approach is to set a goal for each session to surpass the intensity level reached in the previous session!
You should therefore quickly reach an intensity/energy level of at least 100, then aim to approach a level of about 250, and it is not uncommon to see some athletes reach the maximum (999).

Increase only during the contraction phase During the rest phase, halve the intensities, and there's no need for further increases.
During the warm-up and recovery phase: increase until you get well-pronounced muscle twitches that remain comfortable. On the SP 8.0, the mi-AUTORANGE function will automatically adjust the intensity. Once you find the optimal intensity level, it will display "Optimal intensity level found", and you're now ready to workout your biceps.

  • Wired devices display the session progress on the screen.
  • Wireless devices also display the session progress on the screen.
A man developing his biceps using the Compex FIT 5.0 muscle stimulator

Proven Effectiveness

Backed by clinical studies proving their effectiveness, Compex stimulators also belong to the category of Class II medical devices. They also meet the needs of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

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