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What’s the key to better triathlon training? Recovery.

Training for a triathlon is a huge time commitment and, if you want to improve, you’ve got to put in the work. But, what if we told you that you don't need to add longer, harder workouts to be a stronger triathlete?

Your current fitness level will determine the number of training weeks you’ll need to cross the finish line. But to train your best, you also need to give your body optimal recovery between workouts.

Whether your goal is to set a new PR or finish the race, here are 5 tips to recover for better triathlon training.

Step #1 - Set Your Recovery Day

No matter what triathlon training schedule you use, you should set one day as a full recovery day. A recovery day can vary from taking a yoga class, to going for a long walk, using a Compex® muscle stimulator, or indulging in a good rub-down from a Fixx™ massage gun.

You’re giving your body a break from the intense training, which you need to prevent overworking your muscles. Choose one day a week as your recovery day, and stick to it. Your body and mind will be happy, and your training will improve as a result.

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Step #2 - Recovery Massage Post-Training

This doesn't mean having to go to the treatment table. A massage gun is certainly the ideal tool to work out the knots (also called trigger points) in your muscles. Myofascial adhesions can develop through stress, training, overuse, underuse, movement imbalances, and also injuries. Mainly, the knots are points of constant tension and addressing them can have a positive effect on your workouts. Ignoring them can lead to muscle fatigue and may cause injury.

You control the pressure, and over time, you’ll be able to release the pain and also relax the muscle. Tension can be released from the affected area. This increases blood flow and nutrients to the muscle tissue, and improving range of motion (ROM) for a more effective triathlon training program.

Step #3 - Ice Your Muscles

Got a sore muscle or slight inflammation? Ice therapy (cold therapy) can help a minor muscle-related injury, because it can help reduce swelling and also improve blood flow to the affected tissue. Applying ice to the sore area for 10 to 15 minutes is one of the cheapest, simplest, and also most effective way to manage swelling.

Browse our ColdForm Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps or Gel Packs to assist with your ice recovery.

Step #4 - Use a Compex® Product

Many of our products can help you achieve the recovery you need, regardless of whether it's a massage gun, compression boots, hot & cold therapy, TENS, or muscle stimulation.

Muscle stimulation trains your muscles in a way that traditional workouts alone cannot. Stimulators can be used before, during and also after your workouts, with a myriad of muscle conditioning and recovery programs. We can recommend our wireless SP 6.0 stimulator, as well as the elite Fixx™ 2.0 massage gun.

On the SP 6.0, you can use TENS program, which helps to alleviate pain by inducing an endorphin release. It can also block pain signals to the brain through the Gate Theory (High-Frequency TENS programs). 

Tip #5 - Download our Triathlon Training Guide

Let us help you structure your training routine. We have a free Triathlon training guide that will provide you with the perfect template to centre your training and recovery around.

The guide was put together by triathlon experts as well as Compex experts, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best advice!

And there you have it - follow these 5 tips and you'll soon be smashing the competition at your next triathlon!

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