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Back Compression & Supports for Active Lifestyles and Sport


The back plays an important role in movement and mobility and our supports are designed to help stabilise the back, encouraging active movement.

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  1. View Details Compex Activ'® Belt
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    Compex Activ'® Belt provides comfortable support for the low back during activity. A pair of flexible dorsal stays help provide stability, and its bilateral elastic straps can be adjusted to control the amount of compression.

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  2. View Details Compex Back Wrap for Pain Relief
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    This back wrap offers you the ability to use TENS pain relief programs combined with heat to treat lower back pain. The joint effect of these two therapies allows you to relieve temporary or chronic pains.

    It has 4 different TENS programs corresponding to the intensity of your pain, and also boasts 2 levels of heat. Available in 2 sizes, it is ergonomic, compressive, portable and completely wireless. It does not need to be plugged into a charger. Although it is advisable to use it while resting, you can remain mobile during its use.

    The belt also offers a Relaxation program to decrease lower back muscle tension. You will also have access to 2 other programs to work your lumbar muscles deeply as part of a pain prevention program.

    To learn more about TENS pain relief, you can read our 2 blogs below:

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