Compex CoreBelt Range - Take Back Your Waist

CoreBelt Range
The Compex CoreBelt range comprises of three different models offering up to 9 different stimulation objectives including toning, relaxation, and massage.

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  1. View Details Compex Corebelt 5.0 and control unit
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    Discover the must-have Compex Corebelt 5.0. In addition to sculpting, toning and slimming your waistline, this belt helps you improve your posture. It works your ab and lower back muscles in depth, so you can improve your stability and prevent back pain.

    This belt offers a range of objectives, so whether you're new to the technique of electrostimulation or a more seasoned user wanting to challenge yourself, this is the product for you. Simply follow the Corebelt app to achieve your goal. The coaching objectives on the app are based on 18 sessions, to be carried out over 6 weeks. We will help you maintain your motivation with our personalized session reminders!

    Corebelt 5.0 also offers 2 lower back massage programs. The first program, called 'Relax my lower back', releases back tension often caused by stress, fatigue or poor posture. This program helps to alleviate these tensions and prevents them from setting in over the long term. The second program, 'Deep Massage', acts on deeper, more established muscular tightness, which can restrict your movements and daily activities.

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  2. View Details Compex Corebelt 3.0 and control unit
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    The Compex Corebelt 3.0 is an electrostimulation belt designed to help you achieve your ab goals, thanks to its intuitive app. You'll be able to tone, sculpt or shape your waist with targeted programs.

    You'll also have access to muscle-strengthening programs: that work your abs and lower back muscles either separately or simultaneously.

    And best of all, the Corebelt app offers to guide you through an objective based on 18 sessions to be carried out over 6 weeks. What better way to motivate you to keep your resolutions than with personalized reminders!

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  3. View Details Compex CoreBelt 1.0
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    The Compex Corebelt 1.0 is designed to help you tone and define your ab muscles and lose centimetres around your waist.

    You'll achieve this by using a strengthening program that boasts 200 intensity levels and works your entire ab and lower back region. Strengthening these muscles is the key to preventing back pain.

    The Corebelt 1.0 belt is easy and intuitive to use. Simply place the electrodes where indicated and position the belt around your waist, then turn on and go.

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  4. View Details Compex CoreBelt Electrodes
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    1 bag of 4x Electrode Pads (80mm x 80mm) exclusively made for the Compex CoreBelt range.

    Position on the belt according to the placement markings outlined on the belt.

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