Compex Mi-Technology

Compex Mi-Technology

Equipped with a variety of unique MI (muscle intelligenceĀ®) technology, Compex Sport and Fit range muscle stimulators adapt to each of your muscles to provide the most effective stimulation possible, ensuring greater comfort and better performance.

Muscle imbalances, fatigue and dehydration are just some of the reasons why using Mi-Technology is key for the best results with your Compex device.

Find out more about Mi-Technology below as well as which settings our different devices can offer you.

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Mi-Technology Settings

  • Mi-scan: does a short test scan of the muscle and automatically adjusts the parameters of the stimulation to your muscles.

  • Mi-tens: makes it easier to adjust stimulation levels for pain relief programs. This setting is only available for the TENS, Epicondylitis and Tendinitis programs.

  • Mi-action: combines voluntary contractions and stimulated contractions at your pace, meaning you are in control of your training. Users must actively contract the muscle first to start the stimulation from the device.

  • Mi-range: indicates the optimal level of stimulation to use for Capillarisation, Muscle Pain, Recovery and Massage programs.

  • Mi-autorange: a brand new feature that has the same objective as Mi-range except that in this case it is done automatically by the device.

Mi-Technology in Compex Muscle Stimulation

Compex SP 2.0 Muscle Stimulator

SP 2.0


Compex SP 4.0 Muscle Stimulator

SP 4.0


Compex SP 6.0 Muscle Stimulator

SP 6.0


Compex SP 8.0 Muscle Stimulator

SP 8.0


Compex Fit 1.0 Muscle Stimulator

Fit 1.0


Compex Fit 3.0 Muscle Stimulator

Fit 3.0


Compex Fit 5.0 Muscle Stimulator

Fit 5.0



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