Compex Athletes

We are thrilled to partner up with each and every one of our Compex Athletes and are proud to help them on their journey within their chosen sport.



Mat Fraser

Crossfit "I just really like how it is one tool for activation, recovery and strength. It's really easy to use and it works." Read More
Brooke Wells

Brooke Wells

CrossFit "I typically use Compex at night in order to recover for my training the next day." Read More
Sarah Loogman

Sarah Loogman

CrossFit "What I've found is that it’s most beneficial to me as a warm-up and actual training tool." Read More

Will Kane

Crossfit "Every time I squat I use my Compex SP8.0 WOD Edition afterwards." Read More

Anna Fragkou

Crossfit "I make sure I have Compex with me when finishing long and tough training sessions or after a day of competition." Read More

Stefano Migliorini

Crossfit "Compex is a great help for my training and especially for muscle recovery. " Read More

Nicole Warburg MacKenzie

Crossfit "Compex really is the absolute secret to my recovery." Read More

Lucy Majury

Crossfit "Compex helps me have a competitive edge as it speeds up and improves my training recovery." Read More

Lefteris Theofanidis

Crossfit "Recovery is a major factor for me, and literally Compex saves my day." Read More

Kostas Papadapoulos

Crossfit "Compex Muscle Stim is literally 24/7 with me." Read More




Frederik Van Lierde

Triathlon "Compex helps me in every concept to improve." Read More

Charlotte Morel

Triathlon "Compex contributes to my training and I will try to integrate it in my preparation" Read More
Cameron Wurf

Cameron Wurf

Triathlon "I use the Compex for pre warm-up activation, allowing me to have a far more productive workout." Read More

Alex Louison

Triathlon "The WIRELESS is incredibly practical. It's a really nice little gem." Read More

Vanessa GonÇalves

Triathlon "Since I’ve gotten to know Compex, it has been my staunchest ally." Read More


Running, Trail & Obstacle Course


Chantel Nienaber

Running & Trail "The Compex SP8.0 has helped me recover faster meaning when I train I can push so much harder." Read More

Spiros Logothetis

Running & Trail "Compex is my favorite gadget as I can carry it with me anywhere I want." Read More

George Loufekis

Running & Trail "One the biggest benefits of Compex is that you can improve your muscle strength in a short time period." Read More

Florian Reichart

Running & Trail "I use the recovery and strengthening programs of Compex SP 8.0, mostly for the trunk and leg muscles." Read More

Estelle Perrossier

Athletics "Compex is a valuable tool that helps me optimise my performance." Read More

Anouk Garnier

Obstacle Course Running "I now use a lot of post-workout recovery, post-competition recovery and relaxing massage." Read More

Tony Voisin

Obstacle Course Running "I first started using the recovery programme, and I immediately felt the effects." Read More


Other Sports


Phil Heath

Phil Heath

Weightlifting & Bodybuilding "I use my Compex just about every day. I use it before, during, and after my workouts." Read More
Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

Wrestling "I typically use Compex for Recovery and treating Muscular Stiffness." About Seth
Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez

Skateboarding "Compex allows me to recuperate faster and get back to skating and working out harder." About Paul