Compare the Compex Corebelt range

The Compex CoreBelt range comprises of three different models offering up to 9 different objectives for your abs and back, including toning and relaxation.

Find out more details about each CoreBelt and exactly what they have to offer you in your pursuit to empower your confidence.

You can also learn about the benefits of using a Corebelt here.

Compex CoreBelt 1.0 muscle stimulation belt

Corebelt 1.0


Compex CoreBelt 3.0 muscle stimulation belt

Corebelt 3.0


Compex CoreBelt 5.0 muscle stimulation belt

Corebelt 5.0


How does the Compex Corebelt work?

Corebelt 1.0
Corebelt 3.0
Corebelt 5.0

What does the Compex Corebelt do?

Corebelt 1.0
Corebelt 3.0
Corebelt 5.0

How many objectives does the Compex Corebelt have?

Corebelt 1.0
Corebelt 3.0
Corebelt 5.0


Corebelt Reviews

Happy is not enough, I finally found a product that really reduces the waist.


Excellent product and on-time delivery.


I gave this belt to a loved one who has no regrets! Excellent for returning to sport and use during fitness sessions to increase results.


It is worth it for the ease of placement and variety of programs.


Great product.


Good complement to strengthen the abdominals and lumbar. Easy synchronization and operation.


Easy to use, good coaching system.


Really useful... Corebelts are practical to use, simple and above all very effective. Highly recommend this product.


Pleasant to use and provides initially unexpected relief.


Great product. Simple and convenient to use.



Why choose Compex?

  • Compex electrical muscle stimulators (EMS) use clinically proven Swiss Technology
  • Compex offer a 2 year warranty and you can register to get an additional year for free