Muscle Stimulation Belt with in-App Coaching

Compex CoreBelt 3.0


Mobile-connected and app-controlled CoreBelt.

Compex CoreBelt 3.0 offers app-driven training for the Abs & Lower Back simultaneously with 6 muscle stimulation objectives and in-app coaching.

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Compex Corebelt Size Chart

Stand up straight, place the tape measure at the level of your belly button and wrap it around your waist.

Hold the tape measure against your body, not too tight, and take a reading.

Size Waist
S/M 65 - 85cm
L/XL 85 - 114cm

How to Use the Compex CoreBelt 3.0

Compex CoreBelt App - Getting Started

Getting Started

First, download and install the app. You can find the Compex CoreBelt app in Google Play (≥ Android 8) or the App Store (≥ iOS12). Once downloaded, open the app and you’ll be prompted to register and set up an account.

Compex CoreBelt App - Sync Your Device

Pair Your Device

Make sure your Bluetooth® on your smartphone is turned on. Next, pair your device with your smartphone by following the app’s guidance.

Compex CoreBelt App - Select an Objective

Select an Objective

Then, simply select the objective you wish to pursue.

Compex CoreBelt App - How to Place the Electrode Pads

How to Place the Electrode Pads

The double sticky sides electrodes should be positioned on the belt according to the placement markings outlined on the belt. Open the pack of electrodes, remove the plastic from the grid pattern side.

  • Abs session -> Front electrodes only
  • Back session -> Back electrodes only
  • Core session -> Front and Back electrodes

Stick the electrodes grid side down in-line with the outlines. At this point the visible side of the electrodes should be plain black.

We recommend placing the four electrodes, two on the front and two on the back, even if you stimulate only the abs or only the low back. Make sure that the metallic pins are completely covered by the electrodes.

Only use this device with electrodes recommended by Compex.

Compex CoreBelt App - Adjusting the Intensity

Adjusting the Intensity

When you select an objective, you’ll be taken to a screen with the objective timing and intensity settings. Here you can adjust the intensity by tapping the plus sign “+” to increase or the minus sign “-“ to decrease the levels. Push the pause/play button if you need to pause for a moment.

Compex CoreBelt App - Track Your Training

Track Your Training

With our in-app coaching, yor progress will automatically be tracked in the training log. Here you’ll be able to view duration and intensity of your training sessions. Watch your core strength increase as you continue to use the CoreBelt.

Happy Compexing!

Compex® CoreBelt 3.0

Take Back Your Waist.

The Compex® CoreBelt 3.0 can help you take back your waist with 6 targetted objectives. App-controlled muscle stimulation for the abs and back helps tone and strengthen your core.

In-app coaching tracks your progress and helps you stay focused on your goal while smartphone device control makes it easy to stay engaged.

Compex® CoreBelt 3.0

1 App-Controlled Belt, 6 Objectives, 1 Goal – to help you take back your waist!

  • Wireless control via Bluetooth®
  • Customisable plans for better results
  • Track your progress
  • Share your sessions on social apps
  • Manage the intensity per channel/body zone for optimal results


  • 3x Ab: Tone, Sculpt & Slim Waistline
  • 1x Back: Strengthen
  • 2x Abs & Lower Back: Reinforce and Light Workout Program
  • Bluetooth


  • Tracks Progress

    Tracks Progress

  • Battery Life

    Battery Life

  • iOS & Android

    iOS & Android






Slim your Waistline






Light Workout Program


Compex CoreBelt 3.0 Mobile App Features

Save Time - Mobile App Features

In-app coaching tracks your progress and helps you stay focused on your goal while smartphone device control makes it easy to stay engaged. CoreBelt 3.0 offers 6 different stimulation objectives: Tone, Sculpt & Slim Your Waistline for your Abs, Strengthen for your Lower Back and Reinforce and Light Workout Program for the Abs & Lower Back simultaneously. These objectives are located on the Compex CoreBelt app, where you can start your objectives as well as adjusting the intensity to suit you.

Compex CoreBelt 3.0 - Menu Options

Menu Options

Simple, easy-to-use menu options help you to set yourself up for success.

Compex CoreBelt 3.0 - Tracking Log

Track Progress

The Workload Score is automatically calculated by the app after each session, meaning you can compare your performance and track your progress.

Compex CoreBelt 3.0 - Objective Selections

Objective Selections

Offering 6 muscle stimulation obejctives built to strengthen and tone your core - embrace your fitness and take back your waist with the CoreBelt 3.0.

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CoreBelt 3.0
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Soft Travel Pouch
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Product Specs

Technology: Wireless
App controlled: Yes
Bluetooth connection: Yes
Objectives: Tone, Sculpt, Slim your Waistline, Strengthen, Reinforce, Light Workout Program
NB of Objectives: 6
NB of channels: 2
Battery: Rechargeable in 2 hours