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Triathlon Training

  1. Integrating Compex into Triathlon Training


    • This booklet offers three training plans: one for the short-distance triathlon, one for a Half-Ironman 70.3 triathlon (L) and a one for a Full-Ironman 140.6 triathlon (XL). The training plans outlined in this manual, incorporating the Compex sessions, are designed to run 10, 12 and 16 weeks respectively.
    • The prerequisite for this training is overall good physical condition with regular physical activity during the month previous to starting the training plan. It is recommended to have completed a shorter triathlon before preparing for the longer distance.
    • For triathletes who have never practiced electrostimulation, including qualitative sessions (endurance, strength, cross-training), an initiation period of 2 to 3 weeks is highly recommended before starting this full training regime.


    For Development sessions (Endurance, Strength, Resistance, Core stabilization)
    Maximum toleration: It is crucial to reach the highest level of intensity possible (though the session must always remain bearable). Intensity determines the number of muscle fibers which are engaged or ‘recruited’ by the stimulation. The best way to determine your maximum toleration is simply through your own judgement of what your body can cope with. The contractions must be powerful without ever becoming intolerable.
    The progress of a stimulated muscle will be greater if the Compex device recruits a high number of its fibers.
    Some general rules to help you train:

    • Observe the electrode placements indicated and note their polarity (+ and - ). For wireless devices: the + polarity is located on the electrodes where there is an on / off button; for wired models, the + polarity comes from the color wire (*for older generation devices, the + polarity is located alongside the red connector. 
    • Consider changing your electrodes on a regular basis. If the gel layer on the electrode deteriorates, it will be less conductive and you will not be able to achieve higher levels of stimulation.
    • Always look to progress:
      • Increase the intensity marginally every 3,4 or 5 contractions throughout a session.
      • In subsequent sessions aim to exceed the level of intensity reached in the previous session
      • It is often more comfortable to voluntarily contract the muscles, synchronised with the stimulation

    For Training recovery and Capillarization sessions:
    Increase the intensity gradually; it should produce visible muscular twitches.


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