Guy Hemmerlin - triathlon coach

Today, Guy Hemmerlin, head coach at Endurance Training Concept tells us about his life in triathlon and how Compex muscle stimulation helped him train and recover. Guy helped to put together our Triathlon training guide, with 3 bespoke plans for Half-Triathlon, Triathlon 70.3 and Triathlon 140.6.

I used Compex for ten years as a triathlete. It allowed me to complete my daily workout with muscle stimulation sessions specific to my needs. The workouts I did with my Compex device complimented the work I was doing in all three of my sport’s disciplines.

Triathlon Training & Coaching

Following a decade-long triathlon career, I put on the coaching hat in 1996, taking the reins of the D1 Tricastin Team.

When my career evolved into sports coaching, I naturally integrated Compex with the regime for my professional and amateur athletes. I am convinced of the value of this technology and appreciate the development and research constantly undergone by this brand.

Compex equipment is a valuable training tool for any tri-athlete. Whether, you're using it to encourage a more complete recovery or enhance a specific muscle-building workout. This sport consists of three extremely demanding disciplines which require a significant volume of muscular training and development.

In 1998, I took advantage of the evolving internet to become the first coach in Europe to launch a remote coaching website. Year after year, I specifically deepened my knowledge and experience from continual contact with athletes in the field.

In 2014, I published my first long-distance triathlon training book entitled ‘0-226 km’. Then, in 2015, I wrote the important swimming manual ‘From Pool To Open Water’, decrypting the front-crawl. In the same year, I became a certified Ironman coach, an honour very few achieve.

Compex - Always with you

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