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    Functional training combines gymnastics, weights and endurance sports.

    Functional training athletes have to be proficient in a huge variety of disciplines. They run, row, climb rope, jump, move objects and practice Olympic weightlifting movements using dumbbells, gymnastic rings, boxes, kettlebells, bags and other items which serve as training aids.

    Functional training focuses on the development of ten athletic skills:cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power,speed, agility, psychomotor, balance and accuracy. The aim is to develop the capacity totrain with greater intensity for extended periods, utilising a variety of muscle groups.


    The WOD (Workout of the Day) is built around three principles:

    1. The movements are functional, or in other words, natural and easily transferable to everyday life: pushing, pulling, jumping, running or lifting a heavy object.
    2. The training is constantly varied. Rather than allowing the body to sink into a familiar routine or rhythm, and thus lessening the benefit received from the workout, functional training means you never know what to expect; training might include circuits one day (a sequence of exercises in a given time or for a set number of repetitions) and a singular activity the next: running or pure strength (such as deadlifting, backsquat or shoulder pressing).
    3. Training is always at high intensity; flirt with your own limitations: run as fast as possible, raise the bar with more weight, push yourself.

    Compex can be an the ideal partner to help you warm up the muscles, prevent injuries, recover better and faster, and even develop strength.

    In the next few pages you’ll see outlined the Compex programs recommended for functional training athletes...




    You have a wonderful tool… the best training partner to sculpt your body and tone and shape your muscles. Patricia Soave, our expert trainer in Compex®, will help you to get visible results the same way she does for her customers.

    In order to get the best out of her programmes, you have to follow 3 basic rules:

    1) Regularity => A muscle that is not stimulated regularly will not adapt. You have to train minimum 3 times a week by muscle group for 4 to 6 weeks in order to get visible results.
    2) Intensity => To the maximum bearable intensity in order to stimulate as many muscle fibresas possible. At the beginning, the contractions might surprise you and you may ache in the days following. This is normal, because EMS will enable you to develop an important quantity of muscle fibres, more than during a normal bodybuilding training session.
    3) Combination of proposed exercises during contraction phase => Will enable you to shorten your training sessions with maximum efficiency, without putting any strain on your joints, but with heavier loads. The strength of EMS combined with voluntary contractions will multiply the benefits of your session. You will get a real muscular benefit!

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    We caught up with our Latin American Compex ambassador, model, triathlete and real-estate agent Vanessa Goncalves to talk about training and how Compex helps her to reach her full potential. 

    ¿Cuál es la motivación que te ayuda a superar cualquier reto?

    Mi mayor motivación en la vida es Dios y mi familia. Todos los días enfrentamos retos, adversidades, momentos difíciles, decisiones cruciales... Pero cuando tenemos a Dios cerca, cuando creemos en el, dejamos de agobiarnos en la preocupación, pues confiamos plenamente que lo que sucedes es los mejor para beneficio de quienes el ama y no tengamos duda nunca, pues "No se mueve la hoja de un árbol sin que el así lo quiera".

    Partiendo de esa expresión de fe con la cual muevo mi vida entera y con el apoyo incondicional que me brinda mi familia es que he podido salir adelante en superar cada reto que se presenta.

    What has been your credo in life that helps you overcome each challenge?

    My greatest motivation in life is God and my family. Every day we face challenges, adversity, tough times, crucial decisions... But when we have God close, when we believe in him, we stop being overwhelmed by the concern, because we fully trust that whatever happens to you is the best for those who love without a doubt, because "a leaf from a tree doesn’t move without his willing."

    With this expression of faith and with the unconditional support given by my family, I can overcome any challenge I face.

    ¿Puedes compartir algunos de tus consejos de entrenamiento para un mejor rendimiento?

    El rendimiento físico es sin duda una de las labores más difíciles que como atleta amateur me ha tocado aprender.
    Pues el rendimiento viene vinculado a muchas cosas, no solo a tu condición física y resistencia, está íntimamente vinculado con tu preparación mental, en toda disciplina deportiva existen a mi parecer 3 factores sumamente importantes:
    ·         Alimentación
    ·         Preparación física
    ·         Resistencia mental
    Esos 3 factores juegan un papel importante en mi como atleta. Mantener disciplina en estas 3 áreas, ser constante con el entrenamiento, comer saludable (NO ES HACER DIETA), y controlar tus emociones y pensamiento en los puntos claves cuando te encuentras sometido a tu mayor desgaste físico.
    Es por eso que mi mayor consejo para entrenar es tener dominio de tu MENTE, nuestra mente nos puede llevar a rendirnos en una carrera, a exigirnos por alcanzar la meta o a elevar nuestro ego y en ocasiones continuar una carrera aun sabiendo cuanto nos estamos lesionando. Aprender que al igual que entrenas tu cuerpo, entrena tu mente.

    Can you share some of your training tips to perform better?

    Physical performance is undoubtedly one of the most difficult tasks that an amateur athlete faces, as the performance is linked to many things, not only to your physical condition and endurance, but also to your mental preparation. In all sport I think there are three very important factors:
    ·         Nutrition
    ·         Physical preparation
    ·         Mental preparation
    These three factors play an important role for me as an athlete. Maintain discipline in these three areas: be consistent with your training, eat healthy (this doesn’t mean dieting), and control your emotions and thoughts in key moments when you are subjected to your greatest physical wear.
    That's why my main advice for training is to control your mind; our mind can lead us to give up on a competition, to reach the goal or elevate our ego - and don’t give up even if you are injured. Learn that you train your body but you need to train your mind as well.

    ¿Qué ventajas o beneficios ha aportado COMPEX Wireless a tu rendimiento?

    La recuperación post entrenamiento es fundamental, no debemos subestimar esta fase, y desde que conocí Compex ha sido para mi un aliado incondicional.
    Compex me ha brindado todo lo necesario para recuperarme post entrenamiento, permitiendo que mis fases de recuperación sean mucho mas rápidas, que mis lesiones hayan disminuido ya que la gran mayoría de mis lesiones venían a causa de no hacer una adecuada recuperación con estiramiento.
    La versión Wirelees es sensacional, esa es la palabra que lo describe, comodidad para transportar, sencillo de usar y sobre todo cómodo... Dando un brinco agigantado a todo los demás equipos competencia que terminan siendo aparatosos y complejos, trayendo como consecuencia que nos fastidiamos de usarlos.

    What advantages or benefits has the COMPEX Wireless brought to your performance?

    Post-training recovery is critical. We should not underestimate this phase, and since I’ve gotten to know Compex, it has been my staunchest ally.
    Compex has given me everything I need to recover after training allowing a much faster recovery, and my injuries have decreased since the vast majority of my injuries came as a result of not doing adequate recovery stretching.
    The word that describes the Wireless versions is sensational - it is convenient to transport, simple to use and above all comfortable... giving a gigantic leap versus competitors’ devices that end up being cumbersome, complex and difficult to use.

    ¿Cuales son tus programas preferidos y cuando los utilizes?

    En línea general uso todos, los que más uso son RECUPERACIÓN POST-COMPETICIÓN  y MASAJE RELAJANTE.

    What are your preferred programmes and when do you use them?

    I use all the programmes, but the ones I use the most are POST-COMPETITION RECOVERY and RELAXING MASSAGE.

    ¿Cuál es la máxima meta deportiva a la que aspiras en tu carrera?

    Mi máxima meta deportiva es sin duda hacer algún Ironman 70.3. Soy una atleta amateur, disfruto del deporte mas allá de verlo como una competencia. Mi competencia es a diario conmigo misma, en superar mis marcas y hacer de mi una mejor versión.

    What is your ultimate goal in your career?

    My ultimate goal is to do an Ironman 70.3. I’m an amateur athlete and I enjoy the sport beyond seeing it as a competition. My competition is everyday with myself, to overcome my boundaries and to become a better version of myself.


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  4. Compex Fitness & Sport range - List of programs

    Full list of programs per device in the Compex Fitness & Sport range:


    FIT 1.0 (wire) FIT 3.0 (wire) FIT 5.0 (wireless) SP 2.0  (wire) SP 4.0  (wire) SP 6.0  (wireless) SP 8.0 (wireless)
                                 CONDITIONING 0 0 0 7 10 10 13
    Endurance To improve performance for endurance sports      
    Resistance To improve ability to provide sustained effort      
    Strength To increase maximum strength and speed of muscle contraction      
    Explosive Strength To improve explosivity      
    Muscle building To increase muscle tone and volume      
    Warm-up To prepare muscles before a competition      
    Capillarisation To increase blood flow      
    Cross-training To train different muscle work through different working sequences        
    Core stabilisation To strengthen the abs and lower back        
    Hypertrophy To increase significantly muscle volume        
    Overcompensation To improve endurance or muscle resistance in precompetitive phase            
    Ankle twist prevention To improve ankle strength            
    Potentiation To prepare muscle before competition (short distance)            
                                     FITNESS 8 9 14 4 5 5 10
    Firm your arms To recover muscle firmness
    Tone your thighs To work on toning thighs
    Firm your stomach To regain a slimmer waist
    Shape you buttocks To tone and firm buttocks
    Get a 6-pack To strengthen and tone the abs  
    Build your pecs To increase pecs muscle volume      
    Get stronger biceps To increase biceps muscle volume        
    Lymphatic drainage To treat swelling of the feet and ankles        
    Build your shoulders To increase shoulders muscle volumec          
    Body power To improve muscle strength with a slight increase in volume          
    Muscle building To increase muscle tone and volume          
    Capillarisation To increase blood flow          
    Cross-training To train different muscle work through different working sequences            
    Warm-up To prepare muscles before a competition            
    Strengthen quads To improve quads strength            
                        RECOVERY / MASSAGE 1 2 4 3 5 5 5
    Relaxing massage To generate a relaxing effect
    Training recovery To recover after a physical effort    
    Reduce muscle soreness To reduce duration and intensity of muscle soreness    
    Reviving massage To relieve feelings of tiredness    
    Competition recovery To recover after an intense muscle fatigue        
                            PAIN MANAGEMENT 1 8 10 6 8 8 10
    Pain management TENS  To alleviate all types of localised pain
    Reduce muscle tension To decrease muscle tension  
    Muscle pain To create analgesic actions to block pain  
    Back pain To reduce pains in the back  
    Heavy legs To eliminate heavy legs sensation  
    Cramp prevention To prevent cramp  
    Neck pain To reduce pains in the neck    
    Tendinitis To decrease persistent tendinitis pains    
    Lumbago To block the transmission of acute lower back pain          
    Epicondilitis To decrease persistent elbow pains          
                             REHABILITATION 0 1 2 0 2 2 2
    Muscle atrophy To regain muscle volume on a muscle that has been inactive for a long period    
    Reinforcement To complete rehabilitation once the muscles have reached their normal volume      
    TOTAL PROGRAMS 10 20 30 20 30 30 40


  5. What is Compex?

    What is Compex (muscle-stim) and how it works?

    Muscle stim is now an integral part of physiotherapy and pain management protocols. It has been a technique used by physical therapists for many years. Today, many leading athletes use electrostimulation in their training programme to optimise results. It is a perfect solution to prevent injuries and give the muscles the exact treatment they need at a certain point of time in a training schedule.

    Electrostimulation is not a miraculous technique; it respects how your body works.
    The principle of electrostimulation is very simple. It precisely reproduces the processes that occur when our brain orders muscles to contract. When we decide to contract a muscle, our brain sends a signal in the form of an electric current that travels at high speed along the nerve fibres up to the muscle, which reacts by contracting.

    In the case of electrostimulation, excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve using electrical pulses perfectly controlled to guarantee effectiveness, safety and comfort in use. In fact, muscles cannot tell the difference between a voluntary contraction (triggered by the brain) and an electrically induced contraction: the work done is exactly the same. It's completely natural!

  6. Compex Athlete Josh Amberger’s Favorite Program

    We caught up with Compex triathlete Josh Amberger to talk about his favorite Compex program he uses and how he incorporates it into his weekly workout routine. Here’s what Josh had to say:

    "I love the strength mode on my Compex and I use it twice weekly to compliment my strength sessions on the bike. We can only stress the heart and lungs to a certain point before fatigue, but I find I can use the Compex in strength mode to get a little bit more from the muscles without stressing the heart and lungs beyond the bike ride. Once I get in the door from a key bike ride, I prepare a meal and then sit down to eat whilst dialing the Compex into a strength program. The strength program has different levels of operation, which I can adjust depending on how hard and low I pushed on the bike, what training I have tomorrow, and how far away from a key event I am. It’s the perfect mode for going one step further in my training."

    Connect with Josh and follow him on and

  7. IRONMAN World Championship: Andy Potts

    Compex Interview with Andy Potts (Professional triathlete and 2007 IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion)

    After finishing in the top 5 last year have you done anything different for your preparation this time? Every year, I am always trying to introduce different things, so we are constantly improving. Contrary to most triathlon advice, I try something new every race too. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a flop but it helps me learn and get better. In preparation for Kona, one year, we tried to do more moto-pacing, another year I spent a month out on Big Island before the race. This year, my focus has been on a few key things- A specific focus on the bike, given how important it has been to the race in recent years, and recovery. My recovery routine has developed extensively and is as important to my racing success as any other element. Some of the key things I am doing include active stretching for about 30 minutes each day, weekly massage, daily use of my Compex Muscle Stimulator and a renewed focus on nutrition pre and post workout.

    What’s your pre-race meal?

    I try to keep it really simple and fairly light pre-race. I will eat what’s available but typically stay away from foods high in fiber as that could be dangerous on race day.

    How do you include Compex in your daily routine?

    I typically use Compex during and after my stretching routine. With that, I sometimes use Compex at the beginning of the day as a way to activate my muscles and also provide a little bit of ‘work’ before I head out for the day. [andy-potts-compex-athlete]

    What’s one piece of advice you would give some who wants to do an Ironman?

    First thing is listen to your heart. If Ironman is something that you will both enjoy and challenge you, jump right in. I highly recommend racing all types of events and distances, not just Ironman. There is an amazing network of local races at varying distances that provide a great opportunity to race locally, connect with your community, make friends and learn a lot about racing and yourself. In addition, it’s important to to make a commitment to yourself by eating right, gaining strength, and learning about your new pursuit. The last step would be to reach out to trusted people to find out how you can get more engaged and dive in. What’s the one thing you look forward to most after swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running a marathon? I love the finish chute. There is so much energy and excitement. Whether you are first or 50th, there is a real energy that gets me pumped. A big part of the finishing chute for me is seeing my wife and family. There is nothing more important to me in the world than them and being able to see them after a hard fought day is truly special.

    What’s one thing people may be surprised you eat out on the race course?

    My race day diet has really refined itself over time. I am almost exclusively on Powerbar products, so nothing too earth shattering there. It wasn’t always that way and I have experimented with everything from muffins in my bento box(btw- they get really crumby) to skittles in my special needs bag. WATCH LIVE footage of the IRONMAN Kona World Championships here: To learn more about integrating Compex electric muscle stimulation into your workouts visit our Compex Training page, and to discover more information about electric muscle stimulation visit our page on How Electric Muscle Stimulation Works.

    Stay Connect with Andy Potts by following him on his social media channels:

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