A woman laying in bed, with the Compex SP 8.0 providing muscle recovery

Compex sat down with Alexis Gsell, Patrice Paquier & Anael Huard, who are members of the French Skiing Federation, to discuss their experience integrating Compex with their skiing training. 

Most athletes in the federation have their own Compex muscle stimulator that they have use regularly ever since the launch of the brand, way back in 1986.

There are five preferred uses for skiing when it comes to muscle stimulation. The ways in which you use Compex depends on your objectives. For more information on this topic, take a look at the Compex Skiing Training Guide.

Use #1 - Warming Up Muscles Before Skiing

Skiing is a sport where a good, thorough warm-up is absolutely key. You compete in cold conditions the majority of the time, and it is vital to have loose muscles that are ready to spend a lot of time under tension.

This is where array of programs come in handy. You have Warm-Up, which has muscles ready to get to work within 10 minutes. There is also the Potentiation program if you have the SP 8.0. This one is perfect for when you are more short of time and need a quick (4 minutes) and intense warm-up. You can also use the capillarisation program to really get the blood flowing.

The Compex SP 8.0 muscle stimulator in front of snowy mountains

Use #2 - Injury Prevention

Lactic acid is a given when it comes to competitive skiing, with legs and glutes in particular feeling the pain. Using a Compex muscle stimulator to help manage small niggles and to generally maintain the muscles is a huge help.

For skiing injury treatment such as tendonitis or contractures, athletes use programs from the recovery and pain management categories as appropriate to improve recovery time and reduce pain.

Use #3 - Recovery After Skiing

For recovery, athletes use Compex in the late afternoon after a running or cycling session,
using the programs Capillarisation and either of Training Recovery or Competition Recovery.

These programs work well together for faster muscle recovery and can be used in tandem with injury prevention and strength development.

Use #4 - Strength Development & Muscle Conditioning

Compex muscle stimulators boast a myriad of strength and conditioning programs. The way that you train with a muscle stimulator is perfect for skiing, due to the resistance training involved.

There are a myriad of conditioning programs that you can use. What we like about using Compex is that you can train different muscle fibres very specifically, depending on what your objective is.

A woman using the Compex SP 8.0 muscle stimulator for recovery after skiing

Use #5 - Injury Rehabilitation

Regarding treatments post-injury such as ACL, use Compex muscle stimulation only under the supervision of a doctor with specific rehab programs.

We then use it in combination with strength exercises to stimulate more muscle fibres. Compex is used to maintain a level of muscle activity when an athlete is injured and cannot train. This does not limit itself to the injured area but also involves maintaining other areas of the body.

Compex - Always with you

We're on the side of athletes, amateurs and also ordinary people. From the search for improved performance to post-injury recovery, from post-fatigue massage to pain treatment. At Compex, we have just one objective: people's well-being.

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