Training Recovery with Compex Products

When we talk about improving performance in amateur sport, we see that everyone's priority is to stick to their training sessions at all costs, even to the detriment of their recovery sessions. This obsession with training means that amateur athletes don't pay enough attention to what professionals call "invisible training". This is made up of all the methods they use to improve and speed up their post training recovery. This invisible training is just as (if not more) important than the training sessions themselves.

Before a training session, our body is in a state known as "homeostasis", i.e. in equilibrium. When we train, we cause stress to our bodies, upsetting this balance. If we allow our body to recover from this stress, it will return to its previous equilibrium, and it will do so at a higher level. In this way, by combining training sessions with post training recovery sessions, our performance will improve.

Compex have developed a range of products to help all types of athletes, from elite level professionals to amateurs sports people, to improve their recovery. They can be more effective in their training, leading to a faster improvement in their performance. This family of products consists of:

  1. Compex Muscle Stimulators
  2. Compex Fixx™ Percussion Massage Guns
  3. Compex Ayre™ Pressotherapy Compression Boots

We often tend to think of these products as alternatives, meaning that with one, the others are obsolete. But nothing could be further from the truth. All the products have their strong points and can complement each other very nicely. With that said, now we're going to explain to you the role that each one plays and when is best to use them.

Compex Training Recovery Products

1. Muscle Stimulators

Recovery with the Compex SP 8.0 muscle stimulator

The muscle stimulator is the most versatile of the three products in this family. It is useful in multiple scenarios; post training recovery, muscle conditioning and relieving muscle, joint and/or tendon pain.

Focusing on muscle stimulation purely as a training recovery method, here are the 4 major benefits of this method:

  • Increased Blood Flow: By supplying blood to the muscles worked, we provide nutrients and oxygen. This facilitates the regeneration of muscle fibers damaged during exercise. It also provides them with the new nutrients needed to produce the energy required for next training session.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Muscle stimulation promotes the relaxation of muscle fibers that have bore a heavy load during training.
  • Relief of Muscular Discomfort: The micro injuries and niggles produced in our muscles during intense training sessions result in muscular discomfort. The increased secretion of endorphins that occurs during the training recovery program reduces this discomfort, improving well-being.
  • The reduction or elimination of minor contractures that may have occurred during exercise and could be a limiting factor in future training sessions.

Use the training recovery programs during the first 3 hours after the end of a training session. It is during this time that these programs are most effective, as are hydration, nutrition and supplementation. If we focus on good nutrition, we will be able to deliver a greater quantity of nutrients to the muscle, making the training recovery session more effective.

2. Percussion Massage Guns

A boxer using the Fixx 1.0 to aid his training recovery

Percussion massage guns have become firmly established in the world of sport. Use them for your training recovery, but, like muscle stimulators, can also be used prior to training, particularly in sports where a wide range of joint movement is required

The 3 main training recovery benefits of massage guns are ..:

  • Muscle Relaxation: The sensation of relaxation obtained in a very short time is rapid. This makes it easy to apply to a large number of muscle groups in a very short space of time.
  • Targeting Trigger Points: This type of device makes it easier to reach those painful myofascial points that can occur during effort. This promotes a high level of relaxation and reducing muscle pain.
  • Breaking Down Fascia Issues: Muscles are covered by a tissue called fascia. During sporting movements, the fascia of some muscles rub against the fascia of others, creating frictions that prevent these muscle groups from working properly and cause discomfort. Percussion on these areas helps to break down these frictions and allows the muscle to work properly again.

Use these devices recommended after the sessions. They are also helpful during the weeks when muscles are very fatigued due to heavy workload.

3. Pressotherapy Compression Boots

An athlete using Compex Ayre for her training recovery

Pressotherapy boots are the latest Compex technology.

The main benefit of this kind of product is the drainage they induce. Compression boots originally come from the medical world where they enable lymphatic drainage and thus eliminate water retention that causes fatigue and muscular pain. Transferred to the world of physical activity and training recovery, this allows the athlete to eliminate muscular waste caused by workload. The accumulation of these toxins causes muscular fatigue. This makes it essential to be able to eliminate them from our bodies as quickly as possible. Make sure you're well hydrated during your pressotherapy session because this expulsion from the body is carried out by the renal system.

In addition, the 'wave' massage, from the sole of the foot to the quadriceps and hamstrings, encourages relaxation of the foot muscles.

Training Recovery Summary

So there you have it. Now you've got the full lowdown on how these 3 fantastic products can assist your training recovery, as well as your pre-workout routine.

They complement each other and ensure you've got the answer to any question your body asks you. Head to to learn more and secure the future to your recovery.

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