A mother treating neck pain with the Compex FIT 5.0 electrostimulator

Cervicalgia or neck pain is very common in the general population. Cervicalgia is the term used to describe neck pain and can be caused by joint blockages, ligament or muscle tension, visceral tension, projected nerve pain and also nerve compression.

Torticollis is a muscle contracture or shortening in the back of the neck that can be both the cause and consequence of neck pain. It often leads to pain when the head is rotated.

With Compex, you can work to relieve muscle contractures.

Relieve Neck Pain with Compex Electrostimulators

Wireless Device

Wired Device


Neck pain (or Decontracture depending on the Compex model)

Treatment Duration

2 to 3 weeks.

If you don't observe improvement after the first week of use, consult a doctor.

Treatment Procedure

At least one session daily to help with neck pain. Ideally, two sessions per day with a minimum of 10 minutes rest between sessions.

Electrode Placement

Place the two positive modules (red connections or ON button on the module) on the most tender points of the muscles, with the electrodes placed here:

Wireless Placement

Electrode placement to treat neck pain with a wireless Compex electrostimulator

Wired Placement

Electrode placement to treat neck pain with a wired Compex electrostimulator

Body Position

Position yourself in the most comfortable neutral position.

Adjusting Intensity

Desired effect: Achieve visible muscle twitches while remaining comfortable.

Increase the intensity until you have a muscle response similar to a beat or a strong vibration, known as muscle twitches. This muscle activity acts like a pump because it leads to significant increase in blood flow in the stimulated muscle to help fight neck pain. As intensity increases, the muscle beat becomes more pronounced until it reaches a maximum muscle response level. You can increase the intensity beyond this, but it doesn't provide more benefits.

For devices with mi-RANGE technology, the optimal intensity zone is displayed on the screen:


On SP 4.0, a small bracket indicates the optimal zone. Maintain the intensity within this bracket and ideally at its maximum level.

With the FIT 5.0 and SP 6.0, increase the intensity until "optimal intensity level found" is shown. If the stimulation is comfortable, you can also raise the intensity slightly for more visible muscle twitches.

On SP 8.0, the mi-AUTORANGE function adjusts the intensity automatically. Once you find the optimal intensity level, it will read "Optimal intensity level found". Increase the intensity slightly for more visible muscle twitches if the stimulation is comfortable.

Do not ignore pain. Consult a doctor if the neck pain is severe and/or lasts for too long.

A woman treating her neck pain with the Compex FIT 5.0 electrostimulator

Proven Effectiveness

Backed by clinical studies proving their effectiveness, Compex stimulators also belong to the category of Class II medical devices and meet the requirements of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

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