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Discover how Compex electrostimulation can transform your cycling experience, enhance your performance, and speed up recovery.

A muscle stimulator is a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in the world of cycling. Whether you are a professional cyclist or simply enjoy weekend rides, electrostimulation can be your secret ally in boosting performance, accelerating recovery, and preventing injuries.

One of the main benefits of electrostimulation is its ability to maximise athletic performance. Cyclists face various challenges that require different types of effort. Short-distance events, such as time trials, demand the development of anaerobic and aerobic power, depending on the duration. This is where electrostimulation can make a difference.

Compex electrostimulators provide athletes with complete peace of mind. They feature a fully physiological waveform and a constant current generator, ensuring waveform stability and preventing burns that can occur with other inferior devices. You can rely on Compex to prepare you for your training sessions and sports competitions. In this article, learn how to improve cycling performance with electrostimulation.


Compex offers specific electrostimulation programmes designed to stimulate fast muscle fibres, such as the Force, Endurance, and Potentiation programmes. These programmes will help you strengthen your muscles and improve your ability to generate power over short durations. The Force and Endurance programmes are to be used throughout your physical preparation in cycles of approximately 6 weeks. The Compex Coach app will help you integrate them into your training. As for the Potentiation programme, it is to be used just before a cycling race to activate your muscles and be in peak condition at the crucial moment.

But cycling is not limited to short-distance events. There are also longer events, such as endurance races and mountain stages, which require greater aerobic capacity. This is where Compex remains your best ally for improving performance.

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Compex programmes, such as Endurance and Capillarisation, are ideal for medium and long-distance cycling events. The Endurance programme will increase the capacity of your slow muscle fibres to sustain prolonged efforts over time. Additionally, the Capillarisation programme will enhance local blood flow, meaning your muscles will receive more oxygen and continue to generate energy efficiently.

By combining these two programmes, you will significantly improve your oxidative capacity. This translates to a greater ability to utilise the oxygen provided by your red blood cells, ultimately improving performance over longer distances. Thus, if you are planning to participate in an endurance race or a mountain stage, Compex can help you prepare effectively.


However, electrostimulation does not only improve cycling performance; it also plays a crucial role in recovery. After intense training or competition, muscles can be sore and fatigued. This is where Compex can help you recover faster.

Compex recovery programmes use electrical impulses to stimulate blood flow and eliminate muscle waste that accumulates during physical exertion. This helps reduce muscle fatigue, relieve soreness, and speed up recovery. In short, you'll get back on the bike quicker and in better condition.

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In addition to improving performance and speeding up recovery, electrostimulation also plays an important role in preventing and treating cycling-related injuries. Cyclists are prone to common injuries such as neck pain, back pain, and tendinitis.

You can use electrostimulation therapeutically to relieve pain and promote the healing of these injuries. Compex specifically designs rehabilitation programmes to facilitate muscle injury recovery. By regularly applying electrostimulation, you can accelerate the healing process and reduce the risk of recurrence.

In conclusion, electrostimulation is a versatile and effective ally for cyclists. Whether you aim to improve your performance in short-distance events or increase your endurance in long-distance races, Compex offers programmes tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, its ability to speed up recovery and prevent injuries makes it a valuable investment for any serious cyclist.

Article written by Juan Peris, a sports science graduate and physiotherapist. Juan has been working with and studying electrostimulation for over 20 years and, through his MYOX INSTITUTE, offers international electrostimulation training.

A man using electrostimulation with a Compex SP 4.0 to relax his neck muscles

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Backed by clinical studies proving their effectiveness, Compex stimulators also belong to the category of Class II medical devices. They also meet the needs of the European Medical Standard 93/42 EEC.

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