Compex Meets ultra-running extraordinaire Jovica Spajić (@jovicaspajic), captain of the Serbian National ultramarathon team in road ultramarathon and also one of the best Trail-mountain ultra-runners in this part of the world.

Ultra Runner Jovica Spajic with the Compex SP 8.0 WOD Edition muscle stimulator

Compex: Hi there, Jovica! Great to meet you, firstly please could you start by telling our readers a bit about yourself?

Jovica: I am from Serbia, currently located in Belgrade. I was born in Priboj in Serbia in 1987 and grew up with my grandparents in Serbia’s wild mountains. We were tucked in an old wooden house far away in a small mountain village in Serbia. My grandfather encouraged me never to give up and basically never to break down, always push myself to the limits in everything I do. It has always stuck with me.

Compex: Fascinating. What sport do you do and how did you get into it?

Jovica: My whole life has been about training. I developed a deep love for ultra-running because when you run in the mountains it gives you a clear mind. You have a true relationship with nature, a real sense of freedom. As a member of the special forces, during different field trainings and tasks, I faced extreme physical and psychological difficulties. This constantly questioned and pushed the limits of my abilities, motivation and also strength of spirit. Similarly, participating in some of the world’s hardest ultramarathons, I have passed through the most extreme areas on the planet, through dark rainforests, been scorched by the sun and whipped by the wind

Very recently, I won one of the most challenging and demanding endurance events on planet - the legendary Iditarod trail invitational race in Alaska, and now with additional motivation I am continuing with new goals.

Ultra-running and especially this type of extreme Ultra-trail distance running is fairly synonymous to regular life. It is filled with ups and downs, but you must always find motivation and inspiration to move forward and be determined and dedicated until the finish line. My credo is always: “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” 

Jovica Spajic

Compex: How does Compex help you to find a competitive edge?

Jovica: For me personally, the Compex SP 8.0 muscle stimulator is amazingly useful recovery tool and also my go-to companion on daily basis. I use it most after a hard training sessions, intense workouts, or long training days in mountains and deep backcountry. Certainly, I am 100% noticing that my legs feeling looser and fresher the next day.

Compex: Which program/s do you like to use most on your SP 8.0, Jovica?

 Jovica: My favourite programs are Training Recovery and also Reduce Muscle Soreness. After 2 months of using Compex SP 8.0 muscle stimulator, I can definitely tell that programs are effective at reducing soreness and promoting muscle recovery.

 The other major advantage of Compex is its "easy to use" characteristic. I can fit in recovery sessions during my breaks from obligations at work in Special Unit.

Compex: Fantastic, and do you use other Compex products?

Jovica: Very recently, I took receipt of a new product, the Compex Ayre Wireless Compression Boots. My initial thoughts are positive and I am looking forward to use it during coming days. I think it can really boost my preparations for next big goals, races and epic projects.

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