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Winter Training and Recovery with Compex

From a fitness perspective, most of us dread the winter season. It's cold, it's wet, it's dark... but it's worth it.

With our range of electrical muscle stimulators, compression boots, and massage guns, you can make your training and recovery routine more effective.

Our training and recovery solutions aren't just tools; they're partners in your fitness journey.

We've put together 4 useful blogs to help you give you a full understanding of how our products can get you progress during the winter months:

Winter Training and Recovery with Compex Compression Boots

A man recovering her leg muscles with Compex Compression Boots

Don't let the wet conditions dampen your spirit. Our compression boots provide a soothing embrace for your tired legs, promoting circulation and reducing muscle soreness. Step out of the cold and into recovery – each session with Compex brings you closer to your peak performance.

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Compex Ayre™ wireless compression boots



Winter Training and Recovery with Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS)

A man recovering his quads with a Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulator

Winter is no longer an obstacle; it's an opportunity. Our electrical muscle stimulators take your training to the next level by targeting specific muscle groups, enhancing strength, and accelerating muscle recovery. As the temperatures drop, let your fitness goals soar.

Winter Training and Recovery with Compex Percussion Massage Guns

A woman recovering her quads with a Compex Percussion Massage Gun

When the sun sets early, and the darkness creeps in, let our massage guns be the beacon of relief. Banish the winter blues with targeted deep tissue massage, releasing tension and ensuring you wake up ready to conquer the next training session.


Use the Compex Product Selector to find your device

Compex now offers a full range of recovery device solutions, with different products offering different methods, which can also be combined. It can be difficult to select the best recovery method, so we've put together a helpful chart to aid you in making the correct decision. We compare recovery effectiveness, costs, ease of use and more.

Let us help you find your perfect Compex product. Our product selector will help you find the best device to suit your needs.

All you need to do is answer a few questions and the product selector will do the rest.

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