A woman rolling her calf using the Compex Ion vibrating massage roller

The Compex Ion vibrating massage roller helps relieve sore or stiff muscles by working on deep tissue layers. Ideal for recovery and also a functional training accessory for health-conscious people who want more mobility in their daily lives. This tool is not just for athletes; it is also for anyone who wants to deeply massage their muscles.

For athletes, the roller can be used both during warm-up and for recovery after training.

Find tips and tricks in this article to optimise the use of the Compex Ion vibrating roller.

Our vibrating massage roller, Compex Ion

Made with high quality materials, this robust roller weighs just over 1kg and will maintain its shape even under extreme weight loads. Additionally, its four vibration speeds (from 1900 revolutions per minute to 4320 revolutions per minute) allow you to adjust the intensity to your specific recovery needs.

The choice of speed depends solely on your needs and the area of the body on which you will use the roller. Ion has a battery life of up to an hour and a half of use, but this will depend on the speed and, above all, the pressure you apply.

It recharges very easily and quickly, in less than 2 hours, with its micro USB cable.

The advantages of using a vibrating massage roller

There are all kinds of massage rollers, but the Compex Ion roller stands out due to its vibration. Here are some of the advantages of vibration:

  • Increased massage effect
  • Faster relief of tension and certain pains
  • Promotion of blood circulation
  • Increases and maintains of muscle elasticity and therefore performance capabilities
  • Faster elimination of toxins
  • Targeted muscle regeneration
  • Elimination of adhesions and tensions in fasciae and muscles
  • The combination of "pressure x oscillating vibrations" stimulates tissues
A man turning on the Compex Ion

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of vibration massage compared to traditional massage (vibrating massage roller versus non-vibrating roller). Therefore, vibration massage proves to be more effective in increasing range of motion. The results demonstrate a significant decrease in muscle stiffness with both types of massage, but an effect on joint flexibility only with vibration massage (publication of the European Journal of Applied Physiology).

Another study conducted with young adults demonstrates the real benefits of vibration in the context of a warm-up program on flexibility, proprioception of the knee joint, muscle strength, and dynamic balance of the lower limbs.

When to use the Ion

Several uses are possible. Firstly, you can warm up and prepare yourself before exercise. This allows you to start a session safely.

Then, at the end of your session, you also can use it to relieve sensitive areas, especially trigger points in your muscles.

Finally, the roller will also allow you to benefit from massages at any time of your day.

A man rolling her calf using the Compex Ion vibrating massage roller

Simply massage along the entire length of the muscle or muscle group. Start with 10 back and forth movements on an area and adjust the range according to the muscle length. The vibrational frequency should be adjusted according to sensations. If you feel tension, focus a little more on the area in question, for optimal muscle relaxation. The advice is to take the time to roll the Ion roller along the entire length of the muscle and also apply enough pressure to ensure the positive effects of self-massage.

How to use our vibrating massage roller

Discover below how you can use the Ion vibrating massage roller on different muscle groups.

Lower Back

Latissimus Dorsi



Iliotibial (IT) Band



A woman rolling her calf using the Compex Ion vibrating massage roller

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