Vanessa Ruck aka TheGirlOnABike

Determined to share good news in uncertain times, and with International Women’s day, what more fitting topic than celebrating women's achievements. There are countless notable women out there, but today we would like to introduce Vanessa Ruck.

The Accident

Vanessa's was struck by a car in 2014, turning her world upside down. She's endured an ongoing rollercoaster of recovery. This includes 7 surgeries including a reconstructed hip and shoulder, life as she knew it changed. However, while some might have given up on a life of extreme sport, Vanessa discovered a new love for motorcycles. Determined to make the most of every day, she's now an off road enduro, adventure and Harley rider. She’s out there in the mud getting sweaty, doing off-road riding on a mission to prove that anyone, even slightly reconstructed people, can do it too.

Vanessa's Rehabilitation Journey

Vanessa has used a range of Compex products throughout her journey to help her body get to a good place. “With considerable surgical invasion, building muscle strength back, or even just maintaining some of what I still had, was really quite tricky”.

Vanessa told us how any joint movement would exasperate the pain around the joint that needed to rest and heal. Determined not to undergo unnecessary muscle degeneration, she started to use the SP 4.0 to stimulate her muscles. Enabling her to lie still in bed, hip relaxed but muscles working. She then progressed to the SP 8.0 with its increased wireless flexibility. “I used to walk around the office with it on under my clothes, switching it on for up to 6 sessions through the day. I didn't want my rehabilitation to be impacted in an office-based environment”. The 8.0 allowed Vanessa to stimulate healing, muscle strengthening and pain relief while working.

Vanessa Ruck aka TheGirlOnABike

Vanessa is certainly showing what is possible when you put your mind to something. Her ongoing recovery and pain management routine also includes the deep tissue reaching Fixx 2.0. “It’s incredible how much tension relieve and blood stimulation for recovery you can get with the Fixx.

Vanessa Ruck aka TheGirlOnABike & Compex

Thank You Vanessa

We wish to thank Vanessa for taking the time to share her experiences with us and also feel proud to see the real life impact our products can have.

Vanessa is a huge social media force within the adventure motorcycling world. She shares her life changing story from accident to hard enduro motorcycles.

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All the women out there challenging themselves and the world inspire us, including Vanessa. We'd would love to hear which females give you inspiration to challenge yourself?

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