A man massaging his glutes using the Compex Molecule vibrating massage ball

Discover everything you need to know about the Compex Molecule vibrating massage ball to improve flexibility and mobility, prevent injuries, accelerate post-exercise recovery, and release tension in your daily life! Find tips and tricks in this article to optimise the use of the Compex Molecule vibrating ball.

What is Compex Molecule?

This ball, weighing only 310 grams, offers 3 vibration speeds ranging from 1700 revolutions per minute to 2400 revolutions per minute, as well as a fourth speed which is a modulated speed. The choice of speed depends solely on you and the area of the body on which you want to use the ball.

The ball has a battery life of up to 2 and a half hours of use. But it all depends on the speed you use and the pressure you exert on the ball. It recharges very easily and quickly, in less than 2 hours, with its micro USB cable.

Due to its small size, you can take it anywhere.

Its textured surface allows you to have a high grip on all surfaces, and its robust design means it will not deform, even under heavy weights.

What are the advantages of a vibrating massage ball?

There are all kinds of massage balls on the market. The Molecule ball stands out because it vibrates. Indeed, the advantages of vibration are numerous:

  • Increased massage effect
  • Faster relief of tension and certain pains
  • Promotion of blood circulation
  • Increase and maintenance of muscle elasticity and performance capabilities
  • Faster elimination of toxins
  • Targeted muscle regeneration
  • Elimination of adhesions and tensions in fascia and muscles
  • The combination of "pressure x oscillating vibrations" stimulates tissues
A man massaging his foot using the Compex Molecule

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of vibration massage compared to traditional massage (vibrating massage tool versus non-vibrating tool). Thus, vibration massage proves to be more effective in increasing range of motion: the results demonstrate a significant decrease in muscle stiffness with both types of massage, but an effect on joint flexibility only with vibration massage (publication of the European Journal of Applied Physiology).

Targeted treated for painful areas

The Molecule ball is the essential daily tool for targeted treatment of tense muscles and stuck fasciae. It allows for tailored self-massage to autonomously treat muscle tensions in the chest, groin, back, neck… All small areas difficult to reach without an accessory. Pressure is managed through body weight to reach superficial or deeper muscles. The ball offers the advantage of reaching painful points difficult to access such as the neck or back. A wall, a table, or even the floor are sufficient to perform a massage with the Compex Molecule.

Compex Molecule offers 4 levels of vibration intensity to help prepare muscle groups before a workout or intense workday, and also to help relieve muscle pain after a workout or long workday.

The Compex Molecule vibrating massage ball

When to use the Molecule massage ball

First, you can prepare or warm up your muscles before your session. This will allow you to start your sports session safely.

At the end of your session, you can use it to relieve your sensitive areas.

Finally, you can use it for self-massage at any time of the day to release accumulated muscle tension.

You can perform different types of movements on your muscles. It's up to you to feel the effects and gauge according to your feelings. It is important to take the time to roll the ball along the entire length of the muscle and apply enough pressure to ensure the positive effects of self-massage.

How to use the Molecule

Discover below how you can use the Molecule vibrating ball on different muscle groups.






A woman massage her foot using the Compex Molecule

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